I don't doubt that in the right hands these could be marvelous combinations. But when I tasted them I was not impressed.
  1. Chocolate, Rosemary & Asiago cheese
    Why does this exist? The gritty Asiago and the woodsy rosemary did NOT marry well with the chocolate.
  2. Chocolate & Wasabi
  3. Chocolate & Sriracha
    I love spicy chocolate but the funk of the fermented sriracha was off putting.
  4. Chocolate & Curry
    It was if I took a bite of a chocolate bar. And then took a bite of Indian curry curry sauce. They simultaneously existed in my mouth but just didn't make any sense together.
  5. Chocolate & Paprika
  6. Chocolate & Candy Cap Mushrooms
    Actually this wasn't terrible so much as it was disappointing. I could barely make out any of the CC mushroom. What a let down.
  7. Chocolate & Durian
    This isn't as bad as some of the others above. But it just didn't work for me. My partner on the other hand hated it. But he also hated the Passion Fruit Truffle and I liked it.
  8. And for kicks, here's a pic of the recent chocolate tasting I had to do as a judge.
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    This is not meant to be a humble brag. I really don't know why I say yes to these things because I always feel ill afterwards, no matter how little a taste of the chocolate I nibble on. But year after year I get selective amnesia & sign up again for it.