@AJ got in a bike crash in NY when a car cut him off in the bike lane. That car didn't stop when he went down and just zoomed off. Here's a list of folks that DID help him out chronologically from when the accident happened.
  1. The pedestrian who helped him up from the middle of the street.
    @AJ crashed and was laying in the middle of a NY street. Some New Yorker actually ran out and helped him up and brought him into the sidewalk. Whomever you are, thank you!
  2. Doorman
    AJ foolishly decided to walk 4 blocks back to where we were staying. Then he passed out on the sidewalk from shock. The doorman at the apartment we were staying ran out to help him up.
  3. The 1st doctor at the doctor's office's next door to the apartment we were staying at.
    He took one look at @AJ and basically said he needed to go to the hospital. He looked really annoyed and put out by us actually coming into his office. But the office as right next door and AJ did pass out! When it happened I think he actually rolled his eyes and sighed. #jerk
  4. The 2nd doctor at the doctor's office next door to the apartment we were staying at.
    This doctor was WAY more sympathetic. Especially since the @AJ ended up passing out AGAIN in the office. The 2nd doctor looked REALLY concerned though and helped @AJ move to a room with a bed & monitor him while the ambulance arrived. He reassured me that @AJ would be fine though and said I could stop by to let him know how @AJ was if I wanted to. Totally nice guy.
  5. The ambulance paramedics.
    There were 2 of them but the Hispanic one (who also happened to be super cute) was very chatty and totally nice and helpful. The other one was quiet and drove the ambulance. The chatty one who rode in back with us trained paramedics and rarely went out in the field, but that day it was so busy he was on call and working. He stayed with us the entire time even when we got to the ER until we were in a room.
  6. The nurse manager at the ER
    We were in the room for awhile, and AJ was in major pain. While we waited, I stood outside the room and the nurse manager saw me. He immediately came over, said "Hey, you look concerned. Can I help?" We explained the situation and he said he'd at least get and IV started. Then he'd find out what the status was for us seeing a doctor. He was super nice. Also clearly gay, which somehow made us feel better.
  7. The 1st nurse at the Lenox Hill Heathcare ER
    She was really nice and gave @AJ 2 meds in his IV. I can't remember what the 1st one was but the 2nd one was morphine for the pain. @AJ said it didn't help.
  8. The doctor
    Super nice guy and also gay. He was young but seemed to know what he was doing. Said he wanted to do x-rays but was pretty sure he had a dislocated shoulder.
  9. Radiologist
    @AJ was taken to the X-Ray room. He couldn't put his arm down without major pain. The radiologist told him he had to for the X-Ray, so he asked if he did do that, would it cause and further injury or just be painful? The radiologist said it wouldn't cause any further injury, just be really painful. So @AJ did it, screaming the entire time. I could hear it though the door.
  10. More random nurses
    There were a slew of nurses. They were all very nice. They made sure @AJ was as comfortable as possible and explained to him everything they were doing.
  11. Team of doctor and nurse
    This was the gay doctor from before and a few other nurses. It was confirmed that @AJ had dislocated his shoulder. They shot lidocaine into his socket then wrapped a sheet around him as leverage and had one person pull in one direction as the doctor tried to manipulate the arm back into the socket. Multiple people, multiple times. It didn't work.
  12. More doctors, nurses and anesthesiologist
    After many attempts with just the lidocaine, they decided they needed to sedate @AJ. They didn't put him under but brought the anesthesiologist in to give him just enough stuff to make him groggy and induce a temporary amnesia (though @AJ said he did remember it all). They also made me leave the room and brought in a whole team to work on @AJ. 10 minutes later, they got me. @AJ said he remembers HUGE pain then, massive relief and exclaiming "Oh My God, that feels SO much can better!" afterwards.
  13. The orthopedic physician's assistant
    The next day, right after I led my session at the conference I was in town for, I got a text from AJ that he was heading to the orthopedic surgeon. I rushed off to get back and help him there. The PA we met was nice but really young.
  14. The orthopedic surgeon
    @AJ not only had a dislocated shoulder but a broken ankle. The doctor at the ER put him in a temporary splint and told him he'd probably need a cast. The doctor gave him a walking leg brace instead. Thank goodness. The doctor was also very young. Or maybe we are very old.
  15. And that's it. @AJ will be fine, but he's totally bummed that he can't cycle for awhile.
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    He had to cancel two double century rides that he had scheduled. Estimated 2-3 months until he gets back on the bike which sucks but it could have been much worse. Thank you all the people who helped my @AJ!!!