I am sorry/not sorry I made this list @thelistapp. Also are you going to change your handle now? Should I be tagging @list?
  1. Now hear me out. I know this isn't the sort of thing you want to hear when launching a new version or new logo or new anything.
    And yes, I got your email. I knew to expect SOME sort of change....
  2. And this isn't a knee jerk reaction by someone that hates change either.
    I mean, most folks don't like change. I get that. But I also understand and embrace change too. We live in a modern era where change is inevitable. And though I was part of the Beta group, I embraced the app going public and I've tried to stay here cheering you all. Seriously. I'm your biggest fan and continue to be.
  3. But your new icon lacks any sort of personality.
    It's a blue dot. On a white field.
  4. As a former graphic designer & art director I am trying to understand what it stands for.
    No, I get it. You want it to be the dot in between li and st and it's also the bullet point of a list. I know what you are trying to achieve.
  5. But it's vague. And unfocused.
    There's a difference between having multiple meanings and being vague and unfocused. And sadly I feel you landed in the later.
  6. The original logo not only functioned as lines in a list but also functions as the capital letter "L"
    Which, by the way, I thought was pretty clever. It, for me, was a clear succinct indicator of what this app was. Lists. It distilled that concept into a tight little logo icon. More than that, it actually felt iconic.
  7. But the blue dot. It reads as a period. Which also means the end of a sentence. Which also means stop. The end. Done.
    For me lists are a starting point for us to create a conversation. They are something that creates a dialogue. The community here is what makes Li.st so great.
  8. And when you make the logo and icon a period. A dot. A stop. That's just telling me there's no where to go.
    That's not moving forward. That's moving backwards. That's not lists. Sure you can read it as a bullet point for a list but bullet points are usually used in multiples. One bullet point isn't a list for me. It's a statement. I'd rather have a conversation or dialogue than a statement.
  9. Anyway, I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. Not after, what I'm sure took you months and tons of work.
    I understand that changes like this aren't easy. I've been there as a designer working on teams and hashing out hard decisions. I'm sure you deliberated on this for awhile. Maybe there were even focus groups involved. I don't know your process. But as a designer I feel your pain and I'm sorry to be THAT guy saying how I kind of hate it.
  10. But I feel like I needed to say something.
    And yes, I probably should have just emailed you directly instead of making this list. But now that Li.st is public, I feel like the company should be able to handle public criticism. And also, I wanted to hear from other folks on whether I'm in the wrong.
  11. Maybe everyone else loves. Maybe I'm in the minority?
    I'm OK with that. I really am. I'd love to have this discussion! I'd love it if folks told me how they loved it and why! Please convince me! I wanted to be convinced!
  12. Anyway, let's get back to listing.
    Because really, at the end of the day, this app is about the people. Not about the icon that I have to click on to get to those people. (Even if I don't really like the icon).
  13. (By the way, the "s" in your logo for Li.st is also too light weight compared to the Li and T. Sorry. But those thicker lines in the other letters just make the S look really skinny in comparison).
    But I like the new aqua blue color! I mean, I miss the old blue. But the new warmer blue is very inviting. Good job on that front!