Nearly every Sunday I hop on a conference call with my parents and brother and sister. Whomever is available gets on. Today everyone was available.
  1. "Big week this week!"
    Said my brother. He was very excited.
  2. "Congratulations!"
    My mom and dad were genuinely pleased by the verdict. Which I knew they would be. But (surprisingly) only my mom had texted me previous to this phone call. So it was nice to hear it from everyone.
  3. "You know, my pastor spent 3/4 of her sermon today talking about how happy she was about the verdict!"
    My mom moved out here to the SF Bay Area about a year ago. She's been trying out new churches and finally landed on one she liked. I don't know much about it but I'm happy to hear that it's not a super conservative one! My dad said it was a very liberal one. They apparently asked the pastor if she would be willing to officiate a gay wedding. I immediately became suspicious of where the conversation was going but thankfully it stopped there.
  4. "On Facebook all these people's picture had a lot of colors on it?"
    My mom was so confused by it. My sister had to explain it to her. She seemed happy to hear why it happened.
  5. "Lots of people at that park photo! They must be excited for the verdict!"
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    I took a photo of Dolores Park here in SF where everyone congregates before the dyke march on Saturday and pushed it up to FB/IG. They thought the crowd was there because of the verdict. I explained to them that it's normally like that EVERY year for Pride weekend.
  6. "When are you getting married now?"
    Asked my sister. I knew SOMEONE had to go there. She immediately said "Just Kidding!" afterwards. Then she offered up her services as a wedding planner. "I help plan 6 of my friends weddings! I'm really good at bossing people around!" I believe it. She's quite bossy and opinionated.
  7. "I have a question. You put up a photo with letters and a drawing on it on Facebook. You said it was really cute. What does it mean?"
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    I had to explain to my mom the acronyms LGBT. Then I had to explain to her the acronym BLT. Then I had to explain to her the picture of the bacon, the tomato and the lettuce. She didn't understand what the green character was. I reiterated it as lettuce. She then got very excited and thought it was cute.
  8. Then we changed the subject and talked about how hot it is in Taiwan (where my dad is now)
    We talk about the weather every week. I thought it was a cliche that old people talk about that sort of thing. But apparently it's also true.