I've worked with too much stock photography not to be hypercritical of the choices. Also I just waited 70 minutes to see my doctor. I had time to kill.
  1. 7. Shingles
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    I like the "fit & active" senior shot a lot. Bike, helmet & water bottle are all nice. But appropriate for a shingles brochure? Not sure about that. Plus the facial expression is a little off. Is it a smile? A grimace? A bright light in his eyes? No, I'm afraid this one is a fail. Grade: D+
  2. 6. Managing Gout
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    A handsome (but not too model-y) silver fox. However if he really had gout, he would not be standing with that mug in his hand but rather he'd be sitting down most likely. Also I find the mug in his hand distracting. It's a bit TOO stock photography pose. Plus Aqua color? At least Photoshop it purple to match the title bar. Grade: C
  3. 5. Managing Your Weight
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    Professional African-American woman of indeterminate weight. Not too heavyset (don't want to walk down that stereotype) but not too thin either. The only qualm I have is the generic gift bag she's carrying with the neon green tissue paper poking out. Is she going to a birthday party dressed in biz casual? Unclear and slightly off message. A grocery bag would have been better. Otherwise a solid choice. Grade: B
  4. 4. Type 2 Diabetes
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    The African-American community is disproportionately affected by diabetes compared to the general population so it makes sense that they would pick an African-American gentleman. But this feels a little too safe for me. I would have picked someone just a tad bit younger because diabetes is something every age bracket should be concerned about. But that's my only quibble and it's a minor one. Grade: B+
  5. 3. Cholesterol
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    I'll be honest, I am worried about this man's cholesterol. He seems like he might need to change his eating and/or exercise habits. All that said his smile and dad mustache makes him quite approachable and identifiable for those who might also be concerned about their cholesterol. Well played. Grade: A-
  6. 2. Adult Vaccines
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    This is what a person looks like who does not have measles. Happy. Content. Not infectious. The only way this could be better is if they had picked a more racial ambiguous model (see #1). Grade: A
  7. 1. Life Threatening Allergies
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    The only cover with two people in the photo, this one nails it. Life threatening allergies could effect the parent or the child or possibly both mom and daughter. This stock photo allows all interpretations. Is the child hugging and protective of the mom or vice versa? Also the vaguely ethnic models are well cast. Are they Latino? Italian? Mixed race? White? Maybe even Filipino? Who knows. But this racial ambiguity is the stock photographer's jackpot! Grade: A