I currently have 89 drafts in various states here on ListApp. I probably will only eventually publish 3 or 4 of them. Here's a few that will probably never see the public eye.
  1. How ListApp brings out the social anxiety in me.
    You all probably think I'm neurotic enough as it is. No need to add fuel to the fire.
  2. When we (fictionally) meet.
    This is made up stories about people I don't know that I fictionally meet from ListApp. In theory it's funny. In practice it makes me seem like a creepy stalker type.
  3. Back when I used to time travel...
    I started this list a month ago. Before I could hit the publish button @john and @ChrisK both had published back to back lists on time travel. Damnit. If only I could ACTUALLY time travel and publish my list before they did...
  4. Philosophies that I live my life by
    Actually I only have one philosophy that I live by: "Better dry than salmonella." I decided it wasn't worth making an entire list for that.
  5. ➕ListApp, The Movie➕
    An open list game where I ask people to cast actors to play other people on this list (you aren't allowed to cast yourself). It sounds like fun but has the potential to go horribly awry and hurt people's feelings. Also Open List Games scare me. What if no one wants to play? (see #1)
  6. Crazy Friends of Mine
    It's just better for me to make individual lists telling the stories behind how each person is crazy.
  7. Things my partner exclaims out loud when he grades paper.
    He actually forbids me to publish this. But it's mostly variations of "oh my god they are so stupid!"
  8. A selection of random people on Twitter that follow me.
    I realize you all probably have way more interesting/weird/insane Twitter followers than I do. Though I am quite proud that G. Love's Hot Sauce follows me. No, not G. Love & Special Sauce. G. Love actually makes a hot sauce and the hot sauce account follows me.
  9. Little Secrets
    They're called secrets for a reason. But maybe one day I'll share...