But really I'm way too lazy to actually do drag. It's a lot of work. I can barely get dressed in the morning.
  1. VaChina Doll
    This was my theoretical drag queen name of choice in college.
  2. Chinks inL'Armour
    But I'd have to affect an outrageous Chinese-French accent so this would be more trouble than it's worth.
  3. Mo'Betta MeatyMeat
    A nod to the classic LA burger spot. Probably would work betta if I live in LA so people would get the reference.
  4. MooShu PorkMe
    Good in theory, but just awkward to say in reality.
  5. Gayasian Berry Crunch
    This would also work as a breakfast cereal name.
  6. SugaPie Baker
    A nod to my baking skills. Also refreshingly not racist. But bland and without an edge.
  7. MoySha Toilette
    I wanted to come up with a feminine version of the Jewish name Moshe but I don't think it exists. So MoySha was what I'd settled on. I still think she would be Jewish though. A voice similar to Carol Ann Susi, the actor who voiced Howard's mom on The Big Bang Theory.
  8. HoLotta Wang
    This needs no explanation.
  9. Patty Choux
    She's really into gougeres.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz
  10. Lovely Eatta
    Suggested by @amybsherman
  11. Babka Swirl
    A propos of your book.
    Suggested by @seantimberlake