We don't have hoverboards or jet packs but the future is now because...
  1. You can FaceTime with your therapist.
    This is a thing! I had no idea. I thought it was just a plot device for a Lisa Kudrow show. But my partner was feeling ill and he called his therapist to cancel and the therapist gave him the option to FaceTime! Technology!
  2. You deposit a check with your smartphone.
    This is like magic to me. As a freelancer it used to be a chore for me to take my checks to the ATM. Now I can just take a picture and magical money appears in my account!
  3. Everyone has a computer in his/her pocket
    It still kind of baffles me that we all take smartphones for granted. The fact that we can now end every argument with a "lemme just Wikipedia that" sort of deflates all the fun out of the hours I would spend arguing with friends on whether it was Bernestein Bears or Berenstain Bears though. (FYI, it's the later one.)
  4. Big Brother really is watching.
    Not to be paranoid or anything but damn you traffic cameras! You're the solution to 75% of all procedural TV shows now. Well that and secondary B Plots that somehow magically relates to the solution of the crime.
  5. Touchscreens
    Growing up this was sci fi. Like Star Trek sci fi. Hanging out with 5 year olds a few weekends ago I watch them navigate the iPad and think "Holy crap! They are growing up in a world where touch screens never did not exist." This blew my mind.
  6. Bonus! Coming soon: Face/Eye tracking technology 👀
    Minority Report used this a lot when Tom Cruise went jogging and had ads customized to him flash on surfaces. A few years ago I was at 3M in Minneapolis for work. They were testing this technology for...fast food chain digital menus. Yeah, you should be creeped out. It's just a matter of time before menus will dynamically change on the fly when you walk into a fast food joint, based on your age, gender or weight.