Face Jugs!

I took Beginner's Ceramics last semester and the 1st assignment was Pinch Pots. (Pinch Pots!). The next assignment was Face Jugs, the most sculptural of the assignments. Hand built coil jugs w/handles that had an anatomical feature on them. It also had to be asymmetrical and use engobe in the glazing.
  1. A more classic face jug. I wanted a big nose and a big mustache. Initially I wanted to do add a monocle as well but I decided that was overkill. But now I regret not adding one.
  2. A little more off beat. I wanted the idea of all these eyes peering or from behind a curtain or veil. I also wanted to play with unglazed clay vs glazed clay and the textural difference between the matte and the shiny.
  3. Next up: Sushi Plates!