My job is in the food world, developing recipes, writing and photographing it all. I also have the worst diet ever. Don't tell anyone or it'll blow my street cred.
  1. Kombucha and Krispy Kreme donut
    The other breakfast of champions
  2. Adding kale to my instant ramen
    I'm under deadline. Don't judge.
  3. Chocolate chip cookies and a green smoothie
    Not at the same time though! I'm not a monster.
  4. Tater tots and a green salad with beets
    I completely blame Whole Foods for placing the salad bar next to the hot food bar where the tater tots are calling my name. Damn them.
  5. Triple berry pie made with thick cut oats in the crust
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    The oats in the crust is a whole grain. Plus fruit! So it kind of cancels itself out right?
  6. Bacon egg and cheese sandwich on whole grain bread
    I cure my own bacon and the egg is local, organic and free range. Actually with the whole paleo movement I think the bread might be the bad guy here. I'm so confused.