For a long while there were only a few food people here on @list. Then it went public and I was able to invite my food blogger pals on here! Here's are some of the folks in the food community that are on here. I know I missed tons of folks so please add in the suggestions!
  1. That's me! I'm a recipe developer, writer, photographer, designer and soon-to-be cookbook author. Check out my blog at
  2. The one and only original BrokeAss Gourmet. Gabi is who initially invited me to @list about 9 months ago. She's the best! Check out her blog and watch her TV show Young & Hungry that she executive produces.
  3. Cookbook author extraordinaire! I don't know if I ever told you this Mollie, but the Moosewood Cookbook was one of the very 1st cookbooks I ever bought as an adult!
  4. TV celebrity chef that makes awesome meals super fast. Also makes hilariously awesome lists as well. Go follow her.
  5. The Barefoot Contessa. She's the best! Though I'm still waiting for that dinner invitation from her. I know that Jeffrey and my partner @AJ would totally get along.
  6. Chef, author and foul mouthed television personality. You know you love him.
  7. Top Chef finalist and pop-up dinner entrepreneur.
  8. Website for food and dining across the US. I love their long form essays, something that is slowly disappearing in this age of ADD attention spans and listicles (<- not a slam on ListApp. You know I love you guys!)
  9. Former digital editor at Saveur, now current features editor at @eater
  10. New York based web magazine that covers a plethora of food topics. I'm partial to their "Grub Street Diet" column where they follow a celebrity around and write what that celebrity eats all day. (According to them, it's totally legit).
  11. Producer for the Rachael Ray show. Cocktail expert. Makes an excellent negroni!
  12. Producer for the Rachael Ray show. Hater of muffins.
  13. Gluten Free Girl! NYT best selling author and one of my all time favorite people in the world.
  14. Gail makes the absolutely best gorgeous cookies. She's an artist and I say that in the most unpretentious way possible. She's also such a great person.
  15. Hedonia is his blog. Food preservation and Italian food is his specialty.
  16. My Name is Yeh! Farmer, photographer, recipe developer, and percussionist. Is there anything this woman CAN'T do?
  17. The woman behind Kale and Caramel. Soon to be cookbook author. Occasionally dates priests. Totally badass.
  18. Blogger and soon-to-be cookbook author at Vanilla Bean Blog.
  19. The grandmother of cooking blogs. She's been blogging since BEFORE you could even leave a comment on blogs.
  20. Dry wit and amusing stories from celebrated writer Michael Procopio at his blog Food for the Thoughtless.
  21. The Food Poet! Writer and recipe developer and expert in tea. Cookbook author of Steeped - cooking with tea. Also super awesome.
  22. Formerly the Shiksa in the Kitchen and food historian. Super cool person! Doesn't list too much though (come back Tori!)
  23. And @TheNoshery has a list of food bloggers! I listed them below but you should go check her's out
    Because it includes awesome links to some of their outstanding recipes! FOOD BLOGGERS ON THE LIST APP
  24. Suggested by @houseofyumm
  25. Senior supervising producer at the @rachaelray show!
    Suggested by @jeanette
  26. Suggested by @jacqanders
  27. Suggested by @kitchentreaty
  28. @beauciolino of Probably This
    The tag line of which is: For a better homo and garden. Beau and his partner Matt are hilarious, bitingly smart, kind, and ABSURDLY GOOD LOOKING.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  29. @slbrinkley,
    Suggested by @slbrinkley
  30. Civil Eats
    Suggested by @civileats