HELP! My partner @AJ was in a biking accident and broke his ankle & dislocated his shoulder. He's fine but we now have 6 days in NY with very limited mobility. Any ideas of things to do in NY that don't require a huge amount of walking?
  1. Broadway show?
    Does anyone know if this would work? Are there theaters that have handicap seating and how hard is to to get tickets for those particular seats?
  2. Museums?
    @AJ says he'll hobble around slowly. So this is possibility, I guess.
  3. Staten Island Ferry?
    I hear it's a pretty ride?
  4. Chill in central park with some snacks! I love me some barney greengrass in the park!
    Suggested by @rebeccafern
  5. Governors island ferry
    Still cool, you get to ride a boat, but you don't end up in Staten Island. Also it's like a big park with architecture exhibits, sculptures and food trucks
    Suggested by @Schneid