Tips and tricks on muffin baking. For @daniel & @gabimoskowitz
  1. Bake your muffin directly in the pan.
    Skip the the cute cupcake paper liners and just spray some cooking spray into the pan first. Then put the batter in there directly. You know why bakery muffins usually don't have paper liners? Because metal pan gets hot, helping to cook the bottom of the muffin faster. Faster crusty outside leads to moister trapped inside. (Sorry for all those who hate the word moist)
  2. Once you've sprayed your muffin pan, sprinkle it with sugar.
    Muffin tops are awesome because they are slightly caramelized. But they are also awesome because usually they have extra sugar or a crumb topping. No reason why you can't give a sugar coating to the sides of the muffin! Coat the muffin tin w/cooking spray. Cut the bottom of a cupcake paper liner off & place the circles in the cups. Sprinkle sugar so it covers the sides of the cups. Fill and bake as usual. Remove muffin immediately after baking by running a thin knife around the side of muffin.
  3. Bake at a high temperature first then dropped the temp after 5 min.
    High heat in the beginning will also help trap moisture inside because the pan gets hot faster. Try baking you muffins at 425F for 5min first then reducing the heat to 375F for the rest of the time. You should shorten you bake Ike though by a few minutes. So keep that in mind. Side effect of this? It gives a boost to the rise of the muffin on top. More rise means more muffin top to bottom ratio! Total win-win.
  4. Dip the bottom of the muffin in melted butter then cinnamon sugar.
    This is totally cheating but seriously. Have you ever eaten a fresh baked blueberry muffin that is dipped in melted butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar? It's a game changer.
  5. One last trick: stuff them full of jam.
    Why do donuts get all the glory? Fill the muffin tin up halfway, add a teaspoon of jam or jelly to it and the fill it up the rest of the way. Jam filled muffins! I like to use complementary flavors like orange marmalade with blueberry muffins. But do what you want. And while we're at it, why stop at jams? Add a teaspoon of peanut butter to the middle of your banana nut muffins. Or a teaspoon of NUTELLA to your strawberry muffins. Sky's the limit.