This has been languishing in my drafts but then @mia requested a list about putting on a duvet cover so I figure I might as well as publish it. Here's my go-to quick & easy method...
  1. Turn your duvet cover inside out and lay it on the bed.
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  2. Place the duvet on top of it so it squares up exactly.
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  3. Starting from the closed side, roll the duvet cover & duvet up together.
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  4. You've now made a duvet burrito!
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  5. Take the opening end and flip it OVER one side of the end of the burrito.
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  6. Repeat that on the other end of the burrito, smoothing out the long edge of the opening, tucking in the duvet.
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  7. Unroll the burrito.
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  8. Smooth out any creases. You've just put your duvet cover on!
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  9. Now go to Chipotle and get a "real" burrito. That was hard work.