I'm in LA soon! I'm available Sun. June 7th to Wed. June 10! I'd love to meet LA ListApp folks!
  1. Sunday afternoon seems like a good time for most folks. But any other time would be good if that's better.
    I have no plans other than to eat in LA.
  2. That said, I have no idea how to organize a meet up.
    I only know select LA restaurants, bakeries and ice cream shops. I don't know of a good place to hang out with a group.
  3. I also have an innate fear of organizing group events and having no one show up.
    I think everyone has this to a certain extent, but I have a childhood trauma so that's my excuse.
  4. But I still want to meet people in person!
    Even though I think you all just did a meet up this past weekend for when @videodrew was in town.
  5. Oh yeah and @AJ will be there too! He's cycling down to LA as part of the AIDS lifecycle right now. That the reason I'm going to be in LA. To pick him up.
    He's the cool one in the relationship. I'm total normcore.
  6. But if anyone has suggestions on how to do this or what I should do to organize it, I'm totally down!
    Maybe @lindsinger, @mandi. @stamos or @angusisley have ideas? Please tag other folks in LA. I haven't a clue who lives there. I basically assuming everyone on ListApp lives in LA.
  7. Or we can just stay virtual friends, never actually meeting in real life. It will be like old school pen pals, never destined to meet but always corresponding through letters and lists.
    That's cool too.