Damn you @dad3 for making a date specific list request! Now I have to fulfill it by today or it won't make any sense. As always, I customized the title (as I do)...
  1. I was visiting San Francisco the year before I ended up moving here. It was 1997. I was 23 years old.
    Just a baby. I had just broken up with my long term first boyfriend. He was an ass. But I didn't know any better because he was my first!
  2. Slightly broken, I decided to visit my friend Rita & Damon in SF.
    But by accidental timing, they were actually moving away to Taiwan. So they were crashing in Oakland at a friend's place. Because I had already booked my ticket I was kind of screwed. In the end their friend let me crash in a sleeping bag on his floor along with Rita and Damon. I'm now friends with him as well!
  3. It was the last day of the trip. I was exhausted and decided instead of staying out and going to the bars and clubs by myself (which is what I told them I was going to do) I decided to BART back to Oakland.
    The initial plan was to go out to some bars and then a club or two and when I was ready to go back, Rita & Damon would pick me up. I told them I wasn't going to be out too late and they were actually planning on being in SF for dinner with friends anyway.
  4. But I was exhausted and decide I needed to crash. So I took the BART and got off at the closest station- the Oakland Coliseum/Airport.
    This is not in the best neighborhood.
  5. I got off the BART and then went to a payphone to call Rita and Damon
    This was before cellphones. Damon had a pager.
  6. I got their answering machine instead of them.
    This was before voicemail.
  7. I left a message and tried Damon's pager.
    And waited.
  8. And waited.
  9. And waited.
  10. Did I mention that this was not a good neighborhood?
  11. And waited.
  12. I called a number of times. And left numerous pages.
    And waited some more. 🕐🕗🕟
  13. Then the BART station closed down.
    BART closes its station after the last train runs through. And it doesn't let folks stick around. Too many sketchy people.
  14. So I walked half a mile down to the closest gas station, which also had the closest pay phone.
    I was leaving increasingly panicky messages on the machine.
  15. I told Rita and Damon where I was.
    And then I noticed that one of the newspapers at the gas station mentioned a series of standings and killings that had occurred near the Oakland Coliseum BART station.
  16. I started to freak out even more.
  17. Then a car pulls up....
  18. And it's DAMON!!!
  19. I don't think I've hugged anyone harder.
    I also hugged Rita. I think I was also shaking. This is what happens when I'm left to my devices. I freak out. Though in my defense I was waiting 2+ hours.
  20. Turns out Rita and Damon assumed I had gone out late so they decided to go out dancing too. They were so busy on the dance floor that Damon never felt his numerous pages.
    Finally as the night was winding down, he checked and saw all the pages. And then called the machine and heard all the messages.
  21. And that was the most frightening recollection from my past
    Good grief! That was almost 20 years from now. Where has the time gone?!? It took me years to go back to that BART station. But I'm over it now.