With the verified check mark and the upcoming public launch, we now know what companies & celebrities are legit! But there are a few companies & celebrities on @list beta that AREN'T verified. Maybe they have chosen not to verify, maybe they haven't gotten around to verifying or maybe they are other folks in disguise? Here are my guesses...
  1. Probably legit. His lists on here are as amusing and heartfelt as I expect Ike to be in real life.
  2. Totally a fake fake sister account. My best guess? It's actually Kendall Jenner getting revenge for Keough using her photo account.
  3. @goop
    No lists yet. Obviously this is Martha Stewart in stealth mode, ready to take her social media feud to the next level once ListApp goes public.
  4. This is actually 826Boise. They are bitter that the LA, SF, Chicago and NY always take the 826 spotlight.
  5. Not Tegan nor Sara. Maybe it's the band Hanson? Easily confused for each other as they have sported similar haircuts.
  6. This is Meryl Streep in disguise. She was Susan in the Orchid Thief movie. So it only makes sense she would be Susan Orlean on ListApp.
  7. I've heard rumblings on the dark web that this is actually a former Borders executive that is trying desperately to get a job at the real Strand Bookstore and this is his weirdo tactic. Don't believe it. This account is legit.
  8. Legit! Her diet list is on fleek. No one else could write those.
  9. Not Josh Malina. It's Scott Foley who is totally trying to enact revenge on all the practical jokes that Josh has done to him on the set.
  10. I'm 50/50 on this one. Could be Samantha. Could be Banksy pulling an "art project" on all of us. Time will tell.
  11. Carrie Brownstein or a yoga instructor named Sweethome Teacup trying to slyly promote herself? You tell me.
  12. Who else! What are your thoughts?
    Also I love you all, whether you are legit, verified or fake! You're the best Beta ListApp-ers ever!
  13. @sky is actually @ErinFlaherty and vice versa
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  14. @ChrisK is a figment of all our imaginations
    Suggested by @sky
  15. Actually @john Mayer
    Suggested by @mlh
  16. I've heard rumblings that Lev Novak is actually Keogh Novak
    Suggested by @fats