Hello and welcome to @list! Here's a little insider info and explanation to some of the list lexicon (li.sticon?) that you might see here on li.st and not know about. I am not a recommended user but I've been around the block for quite awhile so feel free to ask me questions!
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    I'm so excited for more folks to experience li.st!
    For too long it was iPhone only. Now it's Android compatible! And soon it will be web friendly too! More folks to be friends with!
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    List Etiquette (listiquette)
    I believe @sophia made an awesome list about this. (li.st Etiquette, 2.0) But the biggest takeaways is don't be mean and DON'T TROLL (that's what YouTube comments and Twitter are for), make good lists, and like, re-list and comment a ton. Don't hold back.we're all a friendly bunch!
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    How to get a trending lists
    The li.st folks have their own algorithm to figure out what lists are trending. I think it's a combo of how many likes, comments and re-lists it gets? Also (maybe?) it's dependent on what else is trending? So if @mindy @bjnovak @andycohen @Bourdain @rachaelray and @lenadunham all publish a list at the same time, it might be harder to trend? I dunno. This is all guesswork. But keep publishing quality lists. Quality floats to the top. You don't need to have a ton of followers to trend!
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    How to get a featured lists
    I've been told that the @list crew just roll a magic 🎱 and it tells them what lists to feature! Just kidding. The li.st people curate this. So just keep making awesome lists. Like I said, quality floats to the top. Good lists will eventually be seen and then your list (hopefully) will get featured!
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    All capital letter titles
    Before li.st launched to Android, all lists were titled with ALL CAPS. We didn't have a choice! This recently changed but when the app was updated, folks were given an option to change previous list titles to ALL CAPS or mixed case titles. So some folks opted to keep their headline ALL CAPS. And some folks still do all their list titles in ALL CAPS. Old habits are hard to break. Sorry if it sounds like were yelling. Us old folks are hard of hearing....
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    Direct/Private messaging
    There is no direct messaging feature on @list. Some power users have hacked the system and use the "request list" feature to communicate back and forth privately. Be forewarned that sometimes mischievous (or unaware) folks will actually publish said requested list, so don't write anything super private! You can usually find folks on other apps like Twitter or Snapchat with the same username to DM with you if you truly want to keep the correspondence private. This is recommended.
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    List terminology: Open List
    These lists allow folks to add their own suggestions to the list. Feel free to add or not add their suggestions, though usually most folks just add all suggestions. If you want to add a suggestion, just tap the "add suggestion" button. If you made the list, you add their suggestion by double tapping the suggestion. Common courtesy says you should follow the listers initial formatting of the list. But no big deal if you don't. Don't be shy about this! If someone has an open list, add away!
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    List terminology: List Requests
    I'm of the position that you should request away! There nothing more fun than filling list requests. And when you are new, having someone request a list from you is super awesome. It's like "Hey! You care enough about me that you want a list from me!" That said, some people (like me) take FOREVER to fulfill list requests. I have partial lists made from list requests that are still languishing in my draft folder from the beta days! But one of these days I'll hit the publish button on them. Maybe.
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    List terminology: Beta (Ξ²)
    Before this app went public, it had beta testers. The beta group was tight knit. It started as friends of @bjnovak and @dev and then it widen to friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, etc. I was lucky to get on as a beta tester of this app when there 200 or 300 folks on here. If you see that beta (Ξ²) symbol behind someone's name, that means the person was part of that group and also probably very nostalgic for that period. Sadly there aren't a lot my favorite betas still active.
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    List terminology: Gamma (Ξ“)
    This started as a joke because all the beta folks kept on waxing nostalgic about the beta days. So @k8mcgarry stuck a Gamma symbol at the end of her name and declared herself a Gamma, one of the early adopters of the public app. You'll now see folks with this symbol as well on their name. They've been around for awhile so feel free to ask them questions as well. They're generally more active here than the beta folks.
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    List terminology: πŸ“or πŸ“‚
    Sometimes you see a list with this emoji at the end of the name. This means the list had been languishing in that persons draft folder for awhile and they just got around to finishing & publishing it. Occasionally there will be a big push for folks to clear out and publish their drafts. Draftsmas happened last Christmas (instigated by @aprilkquioh) and before that DraftWeek by @john in the beta days (he started that emoji usage). It's still used every now and then.
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    List terminology: πŸ€
    This was used during March Madness when someone (I think it was @aus10) decided to do a bracket game to find the best list. Listers were set up against each other and the lists that got the most likes, relists and comments moved forward. There were some really creative lists that were made for this contest. I recommend doing a search (sadly you can't search by emoji though) and reading some of them! This emoji was used at the end of the name of the list to indicate the list participation.
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    List terminology: The List App
    This is what @list used to be called. The app formerly known as The List App. It's still sometimes called that by folks who have been around forever. Old habits change hard. RIP TheListApp. But long live li.st! li.st 4Lyfe!
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    Folks that work at @list
    @bjnovak and @dev started it. @Nicholas was soon hired. @jeremysomething and @minhal also works there. I don't know what they do. I think @Nicholas is their mascot? Anyway tag them if you want or just email support@li.st if you're having issues. They're friendly and will get back to you pretty fast.
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    Now go make some lists!
    I can't wait to meet all you new folks! (Fellow listers did I miss anything? Comment below and I'll add...)