I haven't listed in nearly a year. Then on a whim I opened up the app and found out it's shutting down. I loved this community, even if there were times I hated what was happening with the app updates (which basically kept me from listing). It's all too late now. But you can still stay in touch with me! Here's where and how.
  1. I'm basically @eatthelove on all social media channels.
    But to spell it out with links:
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Facebook
  5. I've also got a Facebook personal page
    Search for my personal page under my name Irvin Lin. I don't friend a lot of folks I haven't met before on my personal page. But if you were part of the beta group or we've interacted a lot, friend me.
  6. Snapchat
    https://snapchat.com/add/eatthelove (just FYI I don't snap too often. Though sometimes I snap a lot if I remember too.)
  7. My blog is Eat the Love and my email contact lives there as well. If you're heading to SF anytime, email me or contact me via my various social media channels above with a direct message. If I'm available I'd love to meet up for a coffee, slice of cake or meal.
  8. And if there's another social media channel out there, you can probably find me on it as @eatthelove
    Right now the hot new one is Vero right? I don't have any friends there yet. Someone friend me. Or not. It'll probably disappear in 6 months.
  9. That is all. Bye @list! The community you built was amazing. Even if your app updates drove me away.
    I still came back now and then. Because that's how much I loved you.
  10. PS. If anyone makes a "Former List-ers" Slack channel please add me.
    Because I love you guys.
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