Men That Straight Women & Gay Men Find Attractive.

Sometimes there isn't an overlap. e.g. George Clooney is someone straight women like but gay men are indifferent to. Or Hugh Jackman, who has a large gay following but less so with straight women.
  1. Stanley Tucci
    Mr. Tucci is the quintessential crossover man. He shows this range in the wide range of roles he takes, playing both queeny gay men and hyper masculine gangsters and tough guys. This broad range and appeal translates into the real world with gay men & straight women both claiming him as their ideal.
  2. Channing Tatum
    If "dumb jock" is your type, Mr. Tatum is your jam. This is not a slight on his intelligence (I haven't a clue how smart he is in real life) but Channing Tatum has cultivated the persona of the jock-next-door, an archetype that has been both fetishizes in the gay community (there's a whole successful line of porn called Jocks) as well as the straight female world.
  3. Joe Mangialleno
    I almost didn't put him on this list but there's a particular macho niche guy that Mr. Mangialleno fits - the 98lb weakling turned body builder hunk. He's a different category than Channing Tatum. A little more rough & tough around the edges but with a sweet center because he knows where he came from.
  4. Taye Diggs
    With a smile that can melt even the most frigid of hearts, Mr. Diggs is the kind of friendly guy who you can take home to meet the parents as well as have a wild night out (or in, if you catch my drift). Also, he probably follows you on Twitter which somehow makes him all the more attainable.
  5. Daniel Craig
    Rugged and masculine without being cartoon-y, Mr. Craig is many a person's fantasy. If pretty boys aren't your scene and you like them slightly rougher around the edges, the latest Bond is probably your ideal. Also, he's Bond!
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch
    The intellectual stud. Basically if you are attracted to seriously intense smart folks who are borderline Asperger's, Mr. Cumberbatch is your jam. Doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, he's the go-to stud for that market.
  7. Basically any Canadian actor cast on a CW show
    Dear CW casting agent. You understand your market so well. 18-34 year-old women and gay men. Why else would you happily make reference to Wincest in Supernatural and also have it required that Stephen Amell be shirtless in at least one scene in every Arrow episode? Because you know your demographic! 🙌