I've been lurking on @list for awhile now because I've been busy with promotions for my cookbook MARBLED, SWIRLED, AND LAYERED. It came out November 1st and I've JUST finished my last book signing event on Thursday. It's been a wild ride so far!
  1. The book is available at bookstores and online! Basically anywhere you buy books!
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    I love to support independent bookstore so definitely check your local store and see if they carry it (and tell them to carry it if they don't). But obviously you can order it online at Amazon: bit.ly/MSLbook or Barnes and Nobles: bit.ly/MSL-bn or IndieBound: bit.ly/MSL-indie.
  2. You can even get signed copies if you want!
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    The Chicago bookstore Read It and Eat (https://www.readitandeatstore.com/) has signed copies, as does the St. Louis bookstore Left Bank Books (http://www.left-bank.com/). If you want personalized signed copies, I can get them to you AFTER the holidays (I'm traveling now). Just contact Omnivore Books in San Francisco (http://www.omnivorebooks.com/) and I'll bounce over there and sign them to you when I get back to SF!
  3. The NEW YORK TIMES listed my book as one of the BEST baking cookbooks of 2016 (out of only 6 books)!
    Melissa Clark of @nytimes said "Even if you never bake a thing, his book will make you laugh." which has to be one of the best compliments I've ever gotten. You can read the whole article at http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/06/dining/best-cookbooks-baking.html
  4. I've also been featured in some great magazines, newspapers and websites
    Along with NYT, the book and recipes have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Oprah Magazine, Washington Post, Food 52, Simply Recipes and Design Sponge to name a few.
  5. The fabulous @LizDawson even made a list about getting my book.
    Apparently she can't stop making one of my brownies from the book. She keeps on snapping me photos of it. You can check out her list here: The Recipes I Bookmarked in Irvin Lin's New Cookbook
  6. There are 150 recipes in the book. I had about 100 MORE recipes but they got cut in the final editing process.
    Eventually the cut recipes with end up somewhere. But every recipe in the book has one or two variant recipes along with explanations on how to customize and make the recipe your own. Also included are tons of tips and tricks and hints as well as stories about the recipes and my life.
  7. People always ask me what my favorite recipes are in the book.
    It's like asking who my favorite child is. But I do have a few that are total crowd pleasers.
  8. Favorite Recipe: Smoky Butterscotch and Vanilla Cake
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 002 image 0001
    I use Lapsang Souchong tea in this cake, an Asian black tea that has been smoked. It lends a hint of smoke and subtle undertone of earthiness to the butterscotch. It's both sophisticated and approachable at the same time.
  9. Favorite Recipe: Malted Chocolate Chip and Reverse Chip Cookies
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 088 image 0001
    I brought a few of these to the List office back in the Spring when I visited. I believe @Nicholas and @bjnovak tasted them. They seemed to like them, but they might been being polite to me.
  10. Favorite Recipe: Pistachio Butter Swirled Fudge Brownies
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 103 image 0001
    AJ basically inhales these when they are around, so I don't make them very often. But they are easy to make and ridiculously good.
  11. Favorite Recipe: 8-Layer Orange Scented Smith island Cake
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 162 image 0001
    If you're a frosting person, this cake is the one for you. It's has a high frosting to cake ratio and is impressive to serve (even if it's fairly easy to make as you just bake 8 thin layers of cake and then assemble).
  12. The Nostalgic Marshmallow-Filled Chocolate Cake
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 194 image 0001
    The cover cake. It's way easier to make than it looks. And it's a total crowd pleaser. I pretty much make it for all my book signing events.
  13. Rosemary Caramel and Dark Chocolate-Potato Chip Tart
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 214 image 0001
    Folks go wild over this recipe. It's perfect for those who like salty AND sweet.
  14. Apple Roses and Spiced Brown Butter Tart
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 242 image 0001
    A couple of food bloggers have written about this recipe already. It's so great to see how other folks interpret it. It's a stunning dinner party dessert.
  15. Itallian Spice-Tomato and Parmesan-Garlic Pretzel Knots
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 304 image 0001
    These quite possibly are my favorite things to make. Though folks really love the Bloody Mary Pretzel version of them in my book too.
  16. Ginger Eclairs with Black Sesame Pastry Cream and Five-Spice Craquelin
    Marbled  swirled  and layered book page 334 image 0001
    A nod to my Asian heritage. I love how dramatic the craquelin looks with the black sesame pastry cream filling on the inside.
  17. If you've already bought my book, thank you!! If you haven't please consider it as a present (for yourself or for someone else).
    And I would LOVE a review on Amazon! Apparently reviews on Amazon help the "recommendation" algorithm, and the more it shows up on people's browsing, the better chance I have of selling it. My Amazon book page is bit.ly/MSLbook