I once told my partner I never received an Easter basket growing up (I'm Asian. We didn't do that sort of thing). He thought it was sad, so he's gotten me a basket every year since.
  1. A chocolate egg lollipop.
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    It's sweetened with stevia but I'm not going to tell him that because he'll be disappointed that he got it. He hates stevia.
  2. Peanut butter & dark chocolate fudge melt away candies in egg box
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    Now I will struggle on whether to keep the box afterwards or not.
  3. Organic Jelly Beans
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    I didn't even know these existed before! Fancy!
  4. A cute and creepy bunny.
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    Both of us are fond of items that walk this line of creepy and cute.
  5. And the sock monkey basket.
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    Probably the best part of the basket is the basket itself.
  6. Together as a whole. My Easter Basket!
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