My iPhone Homescreen: Explained

Aww... I wasn't going to do this because it just shows what a hot mess I am but peer pressure yo!
  1. Here's the whole screen.
    You'll notice it's completely filled up. I'm a maximalist when it comes to these things. No gaps or spaces for me!
  2. Also I have a lot of emails
    99.999% of them are junk. Mostly PR stuff like "Your weekend Fizzy Drink cocktail is here!" And then a recipe for a gross fizzy drink cocktail that a PR company wants me to write about. I used to try and delete but now it's just a firehose of emails and I can't keep up.
  3. You might notice I have a number of photo apps on my home screen. I don't actually use them that much anymore.
    Kind of lazy. Also I don't really care much. I might Snapseed every now and then. But I rarely use PS express (too clunky) or slow shutter (it's not a good app anyway). I should probably move Afterlight to the front screen now that I think about it. One of these days I'll get my act together.
  4. Note ListApp is in one of the powerspots at the bottom right corner.
    This is how much I love ListApp and all of you. 💕💕💕
  5. I also strangely have 6 more pages of icons. Most of them are apps I never ever use. I rarely go past page 2. I need to do seriously some serious iPhone KonMarie-ing or something.
  6. My actual home screen photo, which you can't see behind all the icons is my partner and me with a giant Sequoia tree.
    We like our big pieces of wood.
  7. Which is not to be confused with my locked screen page. Which is of my partner and me at the Grand Canyon.
    Yeah, we're that annoyingly cutesy couple. I've decided to embrace it.
  8. And there you have it.
    Was it like peering into my soul via my iPhone screen? I hope not. I really hope my soul isn't this cluttered.