I was one of the lucky early beta testers thanks to @gabimoskowitz who invited me. Though I very much miss the beta era, I also know @bjnovak and @dev couldn't keep @list a secret special private community, as much as all the beta folks begged and pleaded. Here's a few things that happened to me in the past 365 days.
  1. I celebrated 15 years with my partner.
    I think that's the crystal anniversary? I dunno. We don't really buy gifts for our anniversary anymore. I actually can never remember it much to my partner's chagrin. Also we aren't married yet. So does it count?
  2. But we now CAN be married (legally) if we want to!
    Thank you SCOTUS! The answer is yes, we will get married. We just need to figure it all out. Stop asking us about it friends who we only see once a year and feel like they have to ask. You'll know about our wedding when we announce it.
  3. I discovered Nitro coffee.
    I'm still obsessed with it. Someone stop me please. I'm getting jittery from it all. Thankfully 4 coffee shops here in SF serve it (that I know of), because I discovered it in PDX and I was scared I couldn't get it here.
  4. I ate too much food.
    You can go into my archives list and see the events that I went to. But I ate too much food at Taste of the Nation, Meals on Wheels Gala, Feast Portland and this last trip to LA. I have no regrets though.
  5. My partner @AJ got in a terrible bicycling accident in NY
    Broken ankle and broken shoulder. It was pretty traumatizing. And though he's pretty much back to 100% now, a good chunk of the year was dealing with that. Also, he never wants to visit NY again. Which is very sad for me.
  6. I learned to let go of stuff when I needed to and focus on what is important.
    Sometimes priorities shift. Nothing like a near tragic accident to really make you focus your life right? I'm still working on this. But sometimes you just have to learn to let go.
  7. I worked on and then turned in my 1st cookbook manuscript.
    It's insane that I wrote a cookbook. Also I went insane writing it. It comes out in November. Please buy it everyone. I'm super proud of some of the recipes in the book. And I haven't been able to share them for two years! I can't wait.
  8. I baked so many baked goods that I actually got sick of baking.
    This has never happened in my life. But recipe developing and testing for the book was insane. I couldn't give away my baked goods fast enough. A lot of it ended up in the compost bin. I'm not proud of that but I just couldn't keep up. I'm slowly recovering though. Getting my baking groove back! Just baked a bunch of stuff this past week for fun!
  9. I spoke at two major blogging conferences.
    The big BlogHer conference in New York and the smaller BlogHer Food conference where I was on a keynote panel. And yes, I mentioned my obsession with ListApp on the keynote panel.
  10. AJ and I dressed up as black and white photo booth film strips for Halloween.
    AJ was so excited about the costume that he made me walk around the neighborhood three times to show it off AFTER the Halloween party we went to. He declared we had the best costume afterwards. IN ALL OF SAN FRANCISCO. The man had confidence...
  11. I discovered a great community here on ListApp.
    Like everyone else who was a beta I can't lie and say I don't miss those days. But the community that has grown since going public is pretty special too. Thanks everyone for being part of it. (That said, I still miss the beta folks and wish they would list more...)
  12. I dived back into social media.
    Social media was (and to a certain extent) still is a chore for me. I have to do it because of my work. But with ListApp and Snapchat, I've suddenly find myself back on social media because it's fun not work. Now if only I can figure out how to put the fun back into Twitter and Pinterest....
  13. I visited a new (to me) National Park
    Pinnacles National Park. The latest newest National Park, that Obama signed into being in 2013. It's pretty cool and super low key because folks don't know about it yet. And it's only 2 1/2 hours drive south of SF! I need to make a list about it.
  14. While hiking and camping in Pinnacles and being utterly disconnected with no cell reception we got back to find Justice Scalia died.
    This was a shocker. We hadn't showered in 3 days. We were stopping in Santa Cruz for lunch on our way home. We saw it on a newspaper in a newsstand not online or on our phone. It was shockingly old school. We reacted as you would expect.
  15. I met a number of you ListApp folks and now consider you real life friends. And I hope to meet more of you in the future.
    Because you guys are great. Thanks for being you.