So @mandi wrote a list then tagged me in it. To clarify, as per her list concept, this isn't the best of, this is more the stuff that got into my head and won't leave. (Though, now that I look at this list, it pretty much could function as a best of 2015 list for me too) 📂
  1. TV show (streaming): Jessica Jones
    I could write a whole list about Jessica Jones and the impact it had on me. I've been a long time fan of the comic and have been anxiously awaiting the show. I was fearful they'd screw it up. They didn't. They improved on the comic! Sure there were minor quibbles here and there but it had strong 3-dimensional characters, engaging plot lines & twists, ridiculous fight scenes, beautiful cinematography & color and true humor & sorrow. This show stuck with me long after I finished it.
  2. TV show (weekly): The Flash
    Is it the best show on TV right now? No. Does it have glaring major plot holes? Yes. But it's the most fun show I'm watching now, not just for the super powers but for the nerdy Easter eggs that kill me. They've take a soapy dark universe that originated in Arrow and lightened it up and made it fun with the Flash. From the cartoony villains to the multiverse parallel universes to the casual references to same-sex marriage and non-traditional casting I find myself looking forward to each episode.
  3. TV show (rediscovered):The Office
    Every year @AJ and I set out to "discover" a show that has already aired and we haven't seen. I've avoided The Office because I had a horribly socially awkward boss in real life that basically was a mean spirited Michael Scott and watching the show was too painful for me. But with @list now in my life, I figure I should give it shot again. So AJ and I went on a 9-year journey with Dunder Mifflin and finished the entire show in a couple of months. My only regret...not watching it sooner.
  4. Book: Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage
    I honestly can't remember if I read this in 2015 or 2014 but it's the last solid book I've read. I've read so very little this year, being all consumed with a myriad of other things like working on my own book or helping my partner out with his broken ankle and shoulder. But this book, by one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami has been sitting in my shelf forever. Finally I got around to reading it and it was a return to form for him. A simple tale of lost innocence. Well done.
  5. App: @list
    This is an obvious one. Thanks to the fabulous @gabimoskowitz I was one of the early beta testers and ListApp immediately became my obsession. Because of my work, I do a lot of social media and had, truthfully, been getting burnt out on it. Social media was work for me. But ListApp revived my interest in it again and made it fun again. Well done @bjnovak & @dev and the rest of the team! The community you built is amazing.
  6. Music (album): Chvrches' Every Open Eye
    More than any album out there this one just rose to the top of my playlist and never left it. Literally. I have a playlist just called 2015 and I added nearly every new album I got this year to it. And I always added them UNDER the Chvrches album. Runner up: Sufjan Stevens' Carrie and Lowell.
  7. Music (song): Boy Crazy by Carly Rae Jepsen
    No shame in this. I've always had a weak spot for unashamed pop music. This one hits all the saccharine sugar notes just right. CRJ FTW!
  8. Movie: Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens
    In a year of blockbusters this one was THE blockbuster. It's the only movie I've seen twice in the theater, something I haven't done in years. And I'm so glad I did, because I was really disappointed with it the first time I saw it. I mean, yeah it was entertaining. But SO insanely derivative of the original trilogy and also felt so "pilot-y". But then I watched it again. And let go of my inner critic and just enjoyed it. And I'm so glad I did.
  9. Meme: blue & black vs. white & gold dress
    It was what EVERYONE was talking about three days then completely forgotten about. But those three days! Insane. There were even lists here on @list arguing for one or the other with @mindy and @bjnovak weighing in. Personally, I'm in a dress-color-discordant relationship, seeing black & blue while my partner @AJ saw white & gold. It's been tough but we made it through agreeing to disagree. Runner Up: Escaped Llamas & Left Shark.
  10. Beverage Trend: Nitro Coffee
    I'm late to the game on this one but I discovered Nitro Coffee in Portland in September. I quickly became obsessed. Cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen lends a smooth creamy beer-like consistency with a different sort of buzz. It's the new cold brew, it's the new bulletproof coffee, it's the new micro-roasted bean. Thankfully there are 3 coffee shops in SF that serve it (that I know of) so I don't have to fly up to PFX for my fix!
  11. Food Trend: Avocado Toast
    I get it. You like to smash avocado into charred bread. Yeah it's delish. But apparently EVERYONE loves it so much they put it on their menu, instagrammed the heck out of it, and wrote recipes and articles about it. It was EVERYWHERE.
  12. Slang: low-key
    I high-key love the phrase low-key. It allows me to confess all my horrible guilty pleasures in a soft and non-embarrassing way. I low-key love Carly Rae Jepsen. I'm low-key into Snapchat. I low-key dig hot Chris Pratt. Can't help myself! Keep your on fleek; Netflix and chill; and girl squad. Low-key has pretty much entered into my vocab permanently for 2015. Runner-up: YAAASS KWEEN! (<- written in all caps of course)
  13. Major Pop Culture Event: Caitlyn Jenner
    I'm not a huge fan of Caitlyn and her strange conservative Republican viewpoints but I have to give her props for baring her soul and transitioning in the public eye. Sure you can be cynical and say she did the transition in front of the public for the ratings and the publicity. But she sparked a dialogue across the country about trans people and brought trans visibility into the forefront, something that has been sorry neglected as an afterthought in the LGBT struggle.
  14. Major Cultural Event: Same Sex Marriage Becomes Legal
    Not really a pop culture event but it had so many ramifications to our culture (and myself) that I couldn't leave it off this list. And (TBH) it immediately became part of the pop culture as characters on TV got married or referenced their same-sex wives/husbands in a casual way (as opposed to a "statement" very-special-episode way). And if you are curious about how it impacted me, check out this list on how I found out about the verdict. How I Found Out I Can Now Legally Marry @aj in Any State
  15. Major Personal Event: Turned in Cookbook Manuscript
    Again, not a pop culture event but I'm hoping it might lead to a pop culture event next year when it gets released?!? But seriously. 2015 was a lost year for me for so many reasons, this being a major one. I couldn't leave this off the list.