When I had a day job downtown, I would shop on my lunch break. I was so much more on fleek (back before that phrase even existed). But now I don't. Was downtown for a meeting and stopped into Uniqlo, H&M & Forever 21
  1. "I Melt withYou" by Modern English still sounds hip.
    This should not surprise me but it totally blended in with the other hipster music playing.
  2. Acid wash is here again?
    I know they keep trying to to revive it. But I saw it all over Forever 21 in a variety of applications and colors. Lavender acid washed jeans. I can't.
  3. Apparently OP style board shorts are going to be all the rage.
    So many of these. I hated them back then. I hate them still now.
  4. Ugh. Tank tops.
    OP board shorts and oversized patterned tank tops. So douchey looking. Or maybe it was just the ones I saw.
  5. So much 80s neon and pastels.
    I can handle a little amount. But layering that much onto one piece is tough. Be curious to see how folks pull it off. I know I probably can't. Too much work.
  6. Color blocking still big huh?
    It was like Brad Goreski threw up over certain areas of H&M. I like Brad, don't get me wrong. But even he takes a break from large neon colors swatches.
  7. Forever 21's Men section is still a hidden secret.
    Folks don't know that F21 sells men's stuff. Every other shop was packed. F21 was busy. But not in the men's section. It as only bored boyfriends who were killing time while their girlfriends shopped and uber hipster gay men.
  8. Ugly bomber jackets are back!
    Thank goodness I still have one in my closet. It's nylon and burnt orange. Gonna bust that out again!
  9. I am too old to wear big bold patterns
    I used to wear garish clothing. My sister once told me shopping for me was a nearly impossible task. "I look at an article of clothing and I think — is this Irvin? Or is this tacky?" Not anymore. When did I become boring?
  10. Apparently I am too old now to shop at Fast Fashion clothing stores.
    I rarely feel this way but today I seriously felt "middle-aged". Maybe it's time for me re-discover the softer side of Sears...