Every year I bake for 3 days straight & invite everyone I have ever met to come and celebrate the holidays! This year we went with a Star Wars Life Day Celebration theme because my partner @AJ is obsessed with Star Wars and the new episode is coming out. I made 16 desserts & the party was yesterday. Apologizes for the bad lighting in the photos.
  1. I photoshopped @AJ and my face on the Star Wars Holiday Special promo photo for the invite.
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    Apparently I did TOO good a job because a lot of folks didn't even see our faces.
  2. There was only one meltdown during the prep of the party.
    AJ accidentally bought a raisin baguette instead of regular bread. Who makes a raisin baguette?!? Why does that even exist? He freaked out but it was all good in the end. We saved it but probably should have just put it out. We'll never eat it.
  3. The party started at 5:00pm. The first guest showed up at 4:15pm
    We sent them away because they had kids and the apartment was still in shambles. Then the next guest arrived at 4:50pm (yeah it was my mom & dad). By 5:15 the apartment was packed. Apparently my friends are very prompt.
  4. This is Santa Yoda. He greeted our guests when they arrived.
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    Who doesn't love Santa Yoda?
  5. I'm always fearful I didn't bake enough desserts for my party.
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    It did happen one year. We didn't have any leftovers. It freaked me out! I had baked 18 desserts that year! This year I only did 16 but they were larger serving types like cakes and cobblers. Things people could take small portions of.
  6. Death Star Tart
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    A Meyer & Eureka Lemon Shaker Tart. The "Death Star" part was kind of abstract but hopefully folks got it.
  7. Lemon Blackberry Chess Pie
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    I won a blue ribbon for this pie once. Years ago.. In a galaxy far far away... (BTW this recipe is going to be in my book).
  8. Oatmeal Wookie Cookies
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    Oatmeal double chocolate chip cookies. These were the only thing I made from the Star Wars cookbook (actually I adapted them by adding brown butter and oatmeal). I was unimpressed by the way they looked but my partner loved them and they were eaten by everyone. Thus proving cookies don't need to be beautiful.
  9. Meyer Lemon Cheesecake
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    I was impatient and took this out of the oven and didn't let it cool properly which is why it cracked (I needed the oven for more baking!) Didn't matter. This was a favorite amongst attendees and was gone halfway through the party. Numerous folks came up to me and said it was their favorite. Recipe is in my book...
  10. R2-D2 Pandowdy
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    This was a pear and blueberry Pandowdy, which is a cross between a cobbler and a pie. Basically you cut up pie dough and top the filling in a cobbled shape.
  11. Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Brownies
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    Recipe also in my book.
  12. Landspeeder Slab Pie
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    This is any apple and dried fruits lab pie. Great to serving crowds. Recipe adapted from a REALLY old blog post of mine. http://www.eatthelove.com/2010/12/apple-slab-pie-with-dried-fall-fruit-html/
  13. Chocolate pumpkin spice marble bundt cake
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    A version of this will be in my book.
  14. Darth Malt Cake
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    Chocolate Malt Cake, Vanilla Ermine Frosting dyed bright red. I had to use a TON of red food coloring for the frosting. So everyone who hates artificial coloring! I hate it too but didn't have time to make the natural stuff.
  15. Salted caramel bars
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    These were gluten free! In case someone showed up with that issue. Usually j have a friend or two that does. Not this year though. Oh well. They were gone by the end of the evening. Total crowd pleaser. I have a version of these on my blog http://www.eatthelove.com/2013/12/caramel-bars/
  16. Funky Pistachio & Cranberry Cookies
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    I'm obsessed with these cookies. I am going to rework them and put them on my blog. Seriously so good.
  17. Jar Jar Binks Bars
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    These are basically chocolate chip cookie bars. I made them gluten free.
  18. Gingerbread Cookies
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    Also gluten free. The the recipe is on my blog. http://www.eatthelove.com/2013/12/gluten-free-ginger-snaps/
  19. Apple and cranberry cobbler with pumpkin biscuits.
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    I developed this recipe for a client. Super fun combo of flavors. http://www.eatthelove.com/2015/11/apple-cobbler-with-pumpkin-biscuits/
  20. Dagobah Swamp Cake
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    A vanilla and butterscotch Lapsang Souchang cake. Really good. The recipe is going in my book.
  21. Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie
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    Developed this recipe for a client. AJ loved it! So I made it for the party.
  22. Peppermint Brownies
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    These were only OK.
  23. R2-D2 Cookies
    I bought these at Safeway. I put a note on them not to eat them, they were for display only as a joke because I didn't make them and I can only guess they tasted horrible. That freaked a few people out though, as their kids reached for them and ate them. About half of them were gone by the end of the evening. Oh well.
  24. Fellow @list folks @gabimoskowitz @evan @amybsherman and @vina showed up! First time meeting @vina! So glad you could make it!
    I invited a few other ListApp folks. They couldn't make it. #SadTrombone
  25. Doing dishes is problematic because I don't have room to dry all the cake stands.
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    I had a chance to use some of them though! (These are only a fraction of the ones I have) I have a lot of cake stands.
  26. And I also got to use a lot of my cake/pie servers
    They're not just for show! See my list of cake servers for examples. I didn't use the weird ones though. Didn't want to scare people away. A Selection of My Cake Servers
  27. There was also a selection of cheese, olives and a glazed ham that everyone loves. I didn't photograph those.
    Everyone lovers @AJ's ham. In fact I overheard someone saying it was the best ham he had ever tasted. AJ finds the accolades highly amusing because we just buy the ham at Costco and warm it up in the stove. But every year folks ask if we are going to have the ham!
  28. We forgot to put out the veggie tray that we bought.
    Gah! Near the end of the party I went into the fridge to get more cheese and I was all Oh No! Oh well. No pointing putting it out, as the party was winding down. Looks like we're gonna be eating a few veggies in the next couple of days...
  29. We also forgot to put out the Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads as decoration that AJ brought home from his office!
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    Though in retrospect, this probably was a good thing as there was cake and frosting and crumbs everywhere and they would have just gotten dirty. My friends are messy! Full list of the potato heads can be found here: @aj's Collection of Star Wars Potato Heads
  30. And no, I didn't eat a single dessert at the party.
    I'm so over sugar and butter by the time the party comes around that I can't stand the idea of eating any of the stuff I made. So I ate chips, salsa, guacamole, ham and cheese.
  31. BTW don't watch the Star Wars Holiday Special.
    We did while decorating our tree and to get us in the mood for the party. It is as awful everyone says it is. Just unwatchable. Though Bea Arthur IS pretty entertaining as a singing bartender in a campy sort of way. You can YouTube that particular scene. Otherwise it's just garbage.
  32. Anyone want to come over and eat some leftovers?
  33. Happy Life Day everyone!
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    And yes, those are Star Wars Lego magnets.