I know this is an ongoing thing but people... I just can't.
  1. Right now it's about The Wiz
    🎶 Ease on down the road! 🎶
  2. And how folks think it's racist because the cast is all black.
  3. And how everyone would call it a racist show if it was an all white cast
    Someone actually used the hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter in their tweet. WTF?!?
  4. But an all-white cast of the story ALREADY HAPPENED.
    It's called The Wizard of Oz.
  5. Not to mention there's a million all white casts of shows already out there.
    Wasn't the Sound of Music Live cast all white? I mean, you can't get whiter than Carrie Underwood or Stephen Moyer. (Whoops! It wasn't all white. The amazing Audra McDonald was in it. Now I'm the ignorant one. Sorry! I didn't see it.)
  6. This is the textbook definition of IGNORANCE.
    People LITERALLY are ignorant of what The Wiz is. Not figuratively. LITERALLY.
  7. And I just can't.