I'm so excited! But there are some glaring holes. Hopefully they will say yes at the last minute if they can?
  1. Melissa McCarthy as Sookie
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    This is the major one! I really hope Melissa figures out a way to be there. It won't be the same without her!
  2. Milo Ventimiglia as Jesse
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    Rory's bad boy boyfriend. Is he still mad the spinoff fell through?
  3. Michael Winters as Mayor Taylor
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    The mayor of Stars Hollow (not counting the brief time that Jackson was it)!
  4. Sally Struthers as Babette
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    The sassy neighbor of Lorelai. I loved her.
  5. David Sutcliff as Christopher
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    Lorelai's first love and Rory's dad!
  6. Emily Kuroda as Mrs. Kim
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    You break, you buy!
  7. Grant-Lee Phillips as the town's troubadour
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    At least have him in the background with a guitar or something. He really added texture to the show.
  8. Edward Hermann as Richard Gilmore
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    May he rest in peace.