It actually doesn't happen often, I think because there just aren't that many Asian males in the public eye for me to be compared to.
  1. For reference this is me.
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    From 2009. Yes it's 5 years old but still fairly accurate. Though I can't wear that sweater vest anymore because it just reminds me of that photo that I'm sick of. I really need to get new headshots done. All that said, it's more recent and accurate than most online dating photos (you know what I'm talking about).
  2. Keanu Reeves
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    There was a brief moment (pre-Matrix) where Keanu & I had similar haircuts. My friend Rita (who is obsessed with Keanu) swore we were twins. I never saw it really, but I'll take it.
  3. San Francisco Gaysians circa 1998
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    Right before I moved here to San Francisco, my crazy friend Lowell swore that there were teams of gay Asians in SF that looked just like me. I came here and never found one that did. Lowell has since moved to Hawaii. I have since learned to hate the word "gaysian".
  4. A Banana Republic model
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    This was about 15 years ago but there was a really popular BR model that was everywhere (I don't think this is him, but he kind of looked like this). All my friends thought I had a secret BR modeling career. When I went into BR shops the salespeople would even do a double take. I just chalk it up to the fact that I wore a lot of grey and black and navy blue at that time of my life.
  5. James Hormel's significant other Michael Nguyen.
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    James Hormel, heir to the canned meat company Hormel and former ambassador to Luxembourg had a partner that a coworker of mine SWORE looked just like me. She had hatched an elaborate plan for me where I would meet James and seduce him away from his partner, thereby ensuring me a lifetime of luxury and class. The plan was rife with hilarious hijincks, perfect for a sitcom. I later found out that she herself had once starred in a sitcom pilot that was never picked up.