I'm really not a grumpy curmudgeon. But sometimes I am. Feel free to add your own.
  1. That person ahead of me that needs to pay with exact change.
    I know you hate pennies. We all hate pennies. Please just lose them down the side of the couch like normal people or drop it in the tip jar when you order your coffee in the morning.
  2. You sir, who decided to stop at the top of the escalator.
    Really now? There isn't a moving stairway delivering people into the exact space you preoccupy? Why do you act startled when I someone runs into you?
  3. That person at the ATM who takes too long.
    You press buttons. It either gives you money or it takes your money. Why does this take so long for some people?
  4. Mr. Salad Bar Guy who individually picks out pieces of lettuce and inspects them before placing them in his box.
    I get it. We all want the best items in the salad bar. But it's a social contract that everyone takes a little bit of everything, good AND bad. Also, don't you DARE look down at your box and decide you don't want that piece of artichoke heart and then put it back. That is NOT OK.
  5. Gabi Moskowitz
    For getting me addicted to List App. I hate you right now because I should really be writing a book. Damn you @gabimoskowitz!
  6. The people who wait to get out their money/credit card until the last second. You knew you'd have to pay, so don't act surprised!
    Suggested by @hillarykerr
  7. The person who asks a million questions at the counter when there is clearly a line behind them! You're supposed to decide before you get in line.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr