A lot of people have posted adorable photos of their cats and dogs. I don't have pets. But I have a boyfriend. He's just as cute as any pet. At least I think so.
  1. When he was a child he wore sunglasses. All the time.
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    This hasn't changed. As an adult he also wears sunglasses constantly. Since I usually carry a messenger bag with me, I often end up hold onto to his glasses case.
  2. He also wore this adorable Pepsi jumper.
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    Apparently his parents still own it and have forced his two different nephews to wear it to recreate this photo.
  3. He's got the cutest grin as a kid.
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    He's the younger kid with his two older brothers. I swear I want to pinch his cheeks everytime I look at this photo. I actually try to do that every now and then but he doesn't like it that much.
  4. We went to prom together. Twice!
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    When I first met him, he was teaching at a high school (he teaches at a community college now). He got to chaperone prom twice and brought me as his date. We made quite the scene as the gay chaperones slow dancing. I believe one year we even went to the prom & then to the gay dance club afterwards. Because that's what 20something gay guys do I guess. (FYI the theme for the prom was "Starry Starry Night")
  5. He cycles. A lot. Like a WHOLE lot.
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    This year will be his 15th year cycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the AIDS Lifecycle. He's complained to me that this year he's afraid he'll have no one to cycle with because all his cycling buddies are too slow. If you want, you can donate to his ride at http://bit.ly/1FrSHFr
  6. Did I mention he likes to ride his bike a lot?
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    The man does DOUBLE centuries for fun (200 miles in one day). I don't even like to DRIVE 200 miles. This is not normal.
  7. Because he likes to cycle, he has enormous thighs.
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    Granted, this photo is taken with a fisheye lens so it's distorted somewhat. But not THAT much. The man has difficulty buying jeans because loose fit look like skinny on him and his waist is significantly smaller than most people with thighs his size. It's an odd predicament.
  8. Amongst our close friends he is known as the baby whisperer.
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    His parents owned a daycare and he's always grown up around kids. He worked at the daycare in high school and was a camp counselor as well, including a stint at a cancer camp for terminal children. The man understands kids. Pretty much any child that is placed in his arms falls in love with him. It's quite remarkable.
  9. Even though we have many different interests we still have overlapping ones too. Like taking selfies while wearing bonnets in a covered wagon.
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    We love to travel & road trips, we love food, we love hanging out at home watching TV, we love long walks on the beach. All the usual boring stuff that people always say they love. But we don't care. We love it anyway! Normcore FTW!
  10. He occasionally gets tipsy and then gets handsy with our straight friends.
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    Our straight friends are totally cool with it. Usually they are just as drunk and encourage it. My friend Ben's wife was witness to this and basically giggled the entire time. This was an epic night that ended rather poorly for my partner. But at the time I took the photo (and Instagrammed it) it was hilarious.
  11. He's the best road trip buddy.
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    He and I road trip twice in the past two summers. Once across the U.S. (from San Francisco to Miami & back) and once to Colorado and back. We discovered that we both prefer the dessert and we both want the same balance of structure (must be at destination A by Friday) and spontaneity (this is super cool, let's just get to destination A by Saturday). Also we can both tolerate not showering for exactly the same amount of time (3 days).
  12. He's scared of heights. Or so he says.
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    Yet somehow he conquered this fear on our road trip, climbing up and onto things that freaked me out.
  13. He humors me and let's me take photos of him doing ridiculous things.
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    Me: "Get in that shoe so I can take a photo of you." Him: "Do I have to?" Me: "Yes." Him: "Fine." *Climbs in shoe and you can tell he is pleased with himself because he secretly wanted to do it anyway but now he can blame me for the photo.*
  14. And then there's this. My absolute favorite photo of him. I have it printed and framed in an ornate gold gilded frame in our bedroom. It makes me happy every time I look at it.
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