These are our standbys. I'd love new suggestions to check out on our next trip!
  1. Urth Caffe (in WeHo not Santa Monica which has bad feng shui)
    Bread Pudding with slow roasted apples and steamed soy milk. Also French press coffee. Usually two pots.
  2. Huckleberry Cafe
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    Croque Madame sandwich w /bechamel sauce and a super runny sunny-side up egg. Also a selection (at least 5) of their seasonal daily pastries.
  3. Korean BBQ
    This one varies. Sometimes we do Honey Pig. Or Tahoe Galbi (though we wish we could get BOTH Brazilian and Korean BBQ there and not just one). Or Park's if we want to splurge a bit. Or somewhere else that our friends want to go because there are a million places down in K-Town. We're not too picky as long as we get some grilled marinated meat and banchan. Plus SF Korean BBQ is mediocre at best so we make sure to go at least once (or twice)...
  4. Jitlada
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    Anything from the back of the Southern Thai menu, but we usually order the green chili mussels, crispy catfish salad, crispy morning glory salad, tumeric dry curry beef, deep fried sea bass and who knows what else. Then we all cry because our mouth is on fire from the spice.
  5. Tsujita Ramen
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    I get the char siu Tonkotsu ramen with seasoned egg and men-ma (bamboo shoots). My partner gets the same though occasionally he opt for the Tsukemen style. Though that's pretty rare now that I think of it.
  6. Ma Dang Gook Soon / Myung Dong Kyoja for Korean Noodle Soup
    This is a "most of the time" thing for us. We can't always fit it in to our visit. But at Ma Dang Gook Soon I get the handcut knife noodle chicken soup (Dak-kalguksu). At Myung Dong Kyoja I get the pork and shrimp dumplings to share and the rice cake and dumpling soup or the seafood noodle soup if I'm feeling seafood-ish
  7. Blockheads
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    Taiwanese style snow cream. Usually I get the original w/mango & condensed milk. But sometimes I'll opt for the green tea snow w/ lychee and mango purée. We get this after eating Tsujita because it's around the corner and we can't resist. FYI that's a pic of my partner w/a black sesame snow & red bean topping.
  8. Sweet Rose
    For someone who is lactose intolerant I eat a lot of frozen dairy products when I'm in LA. The fresh mint chocolate chip calls out to me here though (though I make a better one at home). I do sample the heck beforehand and occasionally I'm tempted by other flavors.
  9. Yogurtland
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    At some point, usually after Korean BBQ, we head to a Yogurtland. I sample the heck out of everything then decide if I'm in a fruity mood (fruit flavored yogurt w/fresh fruit topping) or a chocolate caramel mood (in which case it's chocolate, vanilla, caramel or some variation like red velvet or mocha) with sprinkles and caramel/chocolate sauce. Honestly though, once we discovered Blockheads, I'm less enamored w/Yogurtland. But it's sort of a tradition post K-BBQ amongst friends now.