(@aprilkquioh is in the back of my head telling me I gotta post more of my drafts even though #draftmas is over. So here are a few more.). So I do watch a lot of TV but somehow some of these shows have slipped by me. Some intentionally and some not. One of these days I'll fix that and watch them. Until then, I will hang my head in shame.
  1. Law and Order
    This includes any spin-off shows. It baffles my friends because apparently it is ALWAYS on at some time on some channel. But I've never seen any of it.
  2. Criminal Minds
    I just found out that it's been on for 11 seasons. And I like procedural shows. I just have never bothered to watch an episode.
  3. Oz
    I feel as a gay man, who finds Chris Meloni attractive, this is an egregious offense. But what are you going to do?
  4. Breaking Bad
    My partner, a chemistry teacher, loves this show! But it just seems so depressing and everyone sounds so miserable on it....
  5. Sopranos
    Everyone talks about how amazing this show is. But I have ZERO interest in the mob. And yes, I know this show isn't REALLY about the mob. But still. It's a hard hurdle to overcome.
  6. Saved by the Bell
    I was JUST a little too old to have seen this show. But everyone thinks I'm younger than I am so they are shocked when they find out I've never seen an episode of it.
  7. Entourage
    It just seems so douchey.
  8. Friday Night Lights
    I have no interest in football. But this isn't about football right? Still. It's that hurdle to overcome. I also don't really do family dramas. Except for Gilmore Girls. Which totally is a family drama. So clearly I do family dramas. Yeah, I have no excuse for this one either I guess.
  9. The Wire
    My former co-worker Wangari was obsessed with this show and told me I HAD to watch it. But I never did get around to it. I think I missed my window of opportunity.
  10. ER
    Yeah, I'm baffled too. It's like I slept through the 90s and 00s.