I flew up to Portland to cover the Feast Portland event this weekend. In the middle of the weekend I bounced up to Seattle for the morning to lead a session at IFBC (International Food Blogger Conference). Here's are some rambling thoughts on the craziness of my travel.
  1. VooDoo Donuts is open 24 hours.
    I discovered this last night. I got suckered into buying 7 donuts because they sounded fun. They were not as fun this morning when I ate one and felt like I just ingested a pound of sugar.
  2. Stumptown cold brew in a bottle is where it's at.
    It's so easy. I don't need to brew anything. It's smooth so I don't need to add cream or sugar. And they are a sponsor at Feast so I picked up a few bottles here and there for my hotel room. I am considering smuggling some home in my luggage because that stuff is expensive!
  3. The drive to the Portland Airport from downtown is fast...when there is no traffic.
    20 min? Maybe less. Yet the cab fare was $40. Probably should have Uber it.
  4. I don't know why but I am STILL always surprised at folks who don't know how to go through security.
    Yes you have to take off your shoes. Yes you have to take off your jacket. Yes you have to take out your laptop. No you can't bring that bottle of water through. Maybe I fly more than the average person? I don't think so though. I'm not a jet setter. These rules have been in place for nearly 15 years folks! But still people seem confused by them.
  5. Portland and the Pacific Northwest is REALLY white.
    I know this. It's not a big deal. I grew up in the St. Louis suburbs. I was one of 2 Asian kids in my elementary school (Hi Janet Kim of you are on here!). But I arrived early (see cab ride list item) so I played a game and counted how many people of color I saw. In the entire airport. 6. I saw 6. Whoops 7 (there's an Asian woman working the Starbucks counter).
  6. The airport is SURPRISINGLY busy at 5:30am on a Saturday.
    Where are all you people going? This is a horrible time to fly. It's the middle of the weekend. You lost Friday evening at your destination! I hope you all got cheap fares and/or are going on an awesome vacation/ though.
  7. I am so tired.
    Waking up at 4am is no fun, no matter where you are I guess.
  8. Holy crap this airplane is tiny.
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    Not as small as the one I once took from NYC to Schenechtady for my cousin's wedding. But pretty small. But I guess the flight from PDX to Seattle is short.
  9. I always think it's weird when I board and deplane on the actual runway. It seems so old school.
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  10. Maybe I should have rented a car and just driven up.
    Really did I save any time? With getting here early, with security, with boarding and deplaning, and the slight flight delay, I'm guessing it was pretty much the same time or even maybe a little more? But at least I can zone out w/flying and not have to worry about parking or traffic.
  11. Yeah, there's a whole lot of Columbia, North Face & Patagonia jackets happening here.
    I guess some stereotypes really are true.
  12. The woman at the gate called me Ms. Lin.
    She corrected herself but now I question my clothing choice today. Is it my spikey hair and tie? Do I look particularly power lesbian today?
  13. Oh wait, one more person of color just sat down in front of me.
    8! He's a crew member though. But it still counts.
  14. I'm sad I only stayed in Seattle for 4 hours!
    But I gotta get back to eating in Portland I guess. I live a hard life.