Random Thoughts on a Few Piece of Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

I'm in Chicago for a conference I'm speaking at. Decided to skip the morning sessions and went to the Art Institute instead. Here's a few random thoughts.
  1. Lions! I love the signature lions on flanking the front entryway stairs.
  2. I would totally date this guy.
    We would SO not be compatible and would fight all the time. But the sex would so fantastic.
  3. This woman is awesome. I love her and want to be her friend.
    Also, there should be more amazing sculptures of people of color like this.
  4. Oooohhh...the miniature room! I forgot about those!
    As a kid I was FASCINATED by them! Still pretty cool.
  5. Her skin GLOWS.
    I want to know what her skin regime is.
  6. I would also date this guy.
    Honestly he was great. We clicked and had the best conversations. But sex was so dull. Had to breakup. He didn't take it very well.
  7. I never noticed how much Van Gogh looks like Brody from Homeland.
    Someone cast him in the film bio. He'd be great.
  8. This reminds me of my old studio apartment.
    Actually this is a little more roomy now that I think of it. Oh San Francisco...
  9. She's "the original Beyoncé"
    Love her.
  10. I would totally crush on this guy but he didn't know I exist.
    Obviously he is having a sexual tension moment with the guy on the top hat behind him. I'm not on his radar at all.