Regional Food Item From the Area You Grew Up In

Open list! Tell me where you grew up and what food your hometown was most famous for. I'm always curious about this sort of thing and as I travel, I like to sample indigenous foods...
  1. St. Louis, Missouri: Toasted Ravioli
    Take a ravioli, bread it, deep fry it, serve it with marinara sauce.
  2. Colorado: Rocky Mountain Oysters
    Okay we did not invent these, but you can order them almost anywhere, including at Rockies' games. Try pairing with a Coors light for ultimate Colorado gross-factor.
    Suggested by   @quinn
  3. Lilikoi (passion fruit), picked straight from the vine. Maui, HI.
    Suggested by   @lilydiamond
  4. Park Slope, Brooklyn
    Life changing bagels.
    Suggested by   @dev
  5. Buffalo: We invented chicken wings
    But we are also known for our Sahlens hot dogs, Roast beef on Weck sandwiches, Loganberry, Greek diners, and sponge candy
    Suggested by   @kristin
  6. Indiana: Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
    Now I want one of these. But they basically don't exist outside the Midwest. I shall drown my sorrows in pork shoulder.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  7. Chicago Suburbs: Buffalo Wings
    "WHAAAT?!" you may be thinking, as you choke down a hot dog and deep dish (from lou malnatis!) and Italian beef, but yes -- the most delicious wings come from Buffalo Joe's, scattered around Chicago. Incredible. Legendary. Don't miss the criss-cut fries!
    Suggested by   @carlyewisel
  8. Maine: LOBSTAH
    Duh. Fun fact: there used to be such a glut that lobster was served in Maine prisons for years. And yes, I'm the elusive born-and-bred Mainer who actually hates lobster. (Side note: if anyone wants to read a fascinating book about the history of Maine as told through the lens of the lobster industry I highly recommend reading The Lobster Coast by Colin Woodard).
    Suggested by   @stamos
  9. Lexington, Kentucky: Burgoo and Clear Pie
    Burgoo is a crazy-ass, dark beef stew. Clear Pie is Pecan Pie with no pecans in it. Just sugary goop!
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  10. Salt potatoes
    My earliest years were in Syracuse NY. Salt potatoes are tiny new potatoes boiled in extremely salty water and eaten dunked in drawn butter.
    Suggested by   @seantimberlake
  11. Flathead Cherries from Montana
    It's weird but true; the area around Flathead Lake is prime cherry growing territory!
    Suggested by   @MirandaJones
  12. Utah: fry sauce.
    This is just ketchup mixed with mayo. But they have pumps of it in fast food restaurants.
    Suggested by   @magdalenam
  13. Marion berry pie! Or any baked goods really. Mostly in Oregon and the PNW, it's like a blackberry raspberry hybrid and it's so good.
    Suggested by   @lucy
  14. Baltimore
    Crab cakes/steamed crabs is the obvious. But try our Berger cookies, pit beef, and snowballs
    Suggested by   @NattyBohLight