I think I only ate half of what was available. There were nearly 50 restaurants so this is only a selection. I tried to invite @gabimoskowitz as my +1 but she wasn't able to make it.
  1. Oysters on the Half Shell
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    From Nick's Cove up in Tomales Bay. They were serving it with Plymouth Gin.
  2. Petite French Dip sandwiches
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    From Mayfair Bakery. So adorable!
  3. Uni on Oxtail on Marrow Toasted Brioche
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    Alexander's Steakhouse
  4. Fancy Avocado Toast
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    From Cavalier.
  5. Polenta cake w/wild mushroom, quail egg & white truffle
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    From Park Tavern. Apparently Tyler Florence was there as well but I totally didn't see him. Oh well.
  6. Asian-style Wagyu Beef Tartare on black sesame puff
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    From Chino. I think this might have been one of my favorite bites.
  7. "Happy Spoon" oyster, uni, ponzu creme fraiche, ikaru, tobiko
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    By Pabu Restaurant
  8. Fresh Cheese with spiced Young Lamb
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    By AQ
  9. Kobe beef tartare with truffles and caviar
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    By Prospect restaurant. This was in the VIP section. It was the fancy pants dish of the evening.
  10. Slow cooked Berkshire pork toast with smashed white beans and pickled onions
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    From Foreign Cinema. They also had a selection of BEEF charcuterie that was excellent.
  11. Marinated asparagus with baby radish and house cured egg
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    By Barbacco.
  12. Greek Fries
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    By Soulva. Such a crowd pleaser. Even in the vast sea of uni, tartare and shaved triffles everyone loves fresh fries. Plus the served them in the cute NY coffee cups! Well played.
  13. Foie Gras Macarons
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    By The Village Pub. I wanted to like these more than I did.
  14. Pork & Shrimp dumpling on cucumber
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    By M.Y. China. Clearly not Kosher. Also a little too much neon sweet and sour sauce.
  15. Asparagus Prosecco Zabaglione
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    From Delfina. They were making the zabaglione on the fly there. Very impressive!
  16. Pork Ragu Arancini
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    From Pizza Antica. Who doesn't love a deep fried pork fritter?
  17. Duck Pastrami with pickled vegetables, house cultured yogurt & rye bread.
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    By Causwells. This last one looked so sad and lonely but they quickly put out more for people.
  18. Spring Vegetables with pickled green strawberry & uni
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    From Central Kitchen. This was good but I wanted more green strawberry.
  19. Bay Laurel Panna Cotta with Blood Orange & Anise Seed Streusel
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    By Scala Bistro. This was spot on. I'm not a huge panna cotta fan but I liked this. Good texture mix w/ streusel, slight bite of acidity with the blood orange & nice flavor combination overall.
  20. Meatball
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    No nonsense pork, beef & veal meatball in marinara from Redd Wood. Ballsy of them for doing something so straightforward. (<– see what I did there?)
  21. Mussel & fava leaf buñuelo with chorizo aoili
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    From Aatxe. Opening in a couple of weeks in the Swedish American Hall/Cafe duNord space.
  22. Cured salmon gravalax with mustard flower and salmon roe in rye
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    From Pläj. I haven't been but now I want to go.
  23. Four Gras Torchon with Seville Orange Marmalade and Brioche
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    From Dirty Habit. I hate their name but the bite was decent.
  24. Country Pork Pate, pickled mustard seeds and sauerkraut
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    From Serpentine
  25. Ramen Eggs
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    From The Ramen Bar. I love ramen but I was not impressed with The Ramen Bar the one time I ate there. But these eggs! I could have eaten a dozen of them. I might have to give Ramen Bar another shot.
  26. Spicy Thai Shrimp Ceviche on Puffed Rice Cracker
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    By Hawker Fare