@samantharonson started it. @angusisley followed up. I can't compete w/those two. So I went thematic.
  1. Scary Spice
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    There's no other choice here. I'd totally zig-a-zig-ah with Mel B.
  2. Baby Spice
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    This is a surprise choice but let's face it, it's usually the innocent looking ones that really get wild. We'd start with just a few drinks or cocktails. Probably something demure and girly. Then maybe a couple of shots. Then move onto smoking a bowl. Next thing you know, Emma will be suggesting booty bumps. It'll be a good time though. Nothing too hardcore.
  3. Posh Spice
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    Victoria quit singing to go into fashion. If that's not rock n roll I don't know what is. (also her resting bitch face is legendary)