My partner @AJ is doing the AIDS Lifecycle for the 16th time! He's amazing! It's a 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise funds for the SF AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay & Lesbian Center. Here are some facts and figures about the ride along with some other random info. For more info, visit
  1. In California alone there are about 170,000 people living with HIV. That's about 10% of the US HIV+ population.
    Nationally, 70% of new infections are people of color and under the age of 25
  2. There are about 3200 people who participate on the ride.
    2500 are riders, the rest are crew, media or staff
  3. There are riders from 41 different states and DC as well as 17 different countries.
    This includes folks from Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Poland and Taiwan
  4. The older person riding is 83 years old
    I try to bring this up whenever my mom says stuff like "oh well you young kids can do that!"
  5. The oldest woman riding is 75 years old
    And she's done 21 rides! Holy crap! I feel like I have accomplished nothing in my life now.
  6. The youngest rider is 18
    I wonder if he/she missed his/her graduation? I know there was one year where the youngest rider skipped their graduation to be on the ride.
  7. The ride is 545 miles long.
    I don't even like to drive that much. I can't imagine cycling it.
  8. There is a group of HIV+ riders called the Positive Pedalers that do the ride every year.
    They are a true inspiration. I know a few of them personally and each of them is awe inspiring in the struggles they have overcome. You can learn more about them at
  9. Wednesday was the "halfway point" to LA!
    Woo hoo! This is AJ with his cycling partner Scott at that point.
  10. Thursday is Day 5 on the ride. It was initially dubbed "Dress in Red Day" because there is a turn on the route that loops around and from an aerial viewpoint they wanted it to look like a giant red ribbon going doing he road. It was quickly turned into Red Dress Day!
    AJ is going as Hillary Clinton this year!
  11. But the person that impresses the most on Red Dress Day is our friend Robert
    The guy has a new fabulous dress custom made and a new set of stiletto platform boots for each year. He has his bike shop attach cleats to the bottom of the boots! It's insane. And he looks pretty damn amazing riding his bike in it.(I could probably do a whole list on his outfits from each year). I personally love having him ride with AJ because he's actually a General Internal Medicine Doctor! That means AJ basically has his own doctor on the ride with him. Woo hoo! Safety First!
  12. The average amount of calories burned on each day for a 170-lb rider is 3410 calories
    In comparison, an average person burns about 1600-2500 a day.
  13. Because of that the amount of food consumed over the week by this group is staggering.
    44,600 eggs! 18,800 gallons of water! 810 gallons of coffee! 3.3 TONS of vegetables. 2.2 TONS of oatmeal! That's a lot of food. In just a week.
  14. AJ usually goes back and does double meals.
    He usually calls me between dinner #1 and dinner #2.
  15. The ride has raised over $16 million this year!
    These funds go to things like HIV counselors, rapid HIV testing, mental health therapy, medical treatment for those who can't afford it, condom purchases, case management for those HIV+ homeless clients, stable housing for HIV+ people and educational forums.
  16. I'm heading down to LA in a few days to pick up AJ!
    I miss him dearly. He's a rock star! Yay AJ!!! He's the best.