The 5 National Parks in Utah - With Pictures.

The summer of 2013 & 2014 had my partner and I roadtripping across America. We fell in love with the National Parks in Utah. Here's a few photos from them. All pics taken w/my iPhone.
  1. Zion National Park
    This is the park that most people (if forced to choose) would say is the best in Utah. They're not wrong. This park had my favorite hike in our road trip...and we did a LOT of hikes. The Narrows has you hiking in an active river slot canyon where the walls tower over you and the sunlight wraps around the canyon rock like spectral silk. It's dangerous in a way that is different than the other signature hike Angel's Landing which has you climbing up sheer rock holding onto chains for dear life.
  2. Arches National Park
    Now if I had to choose a favorite Utah park (but don't ask me to) this one might (maybe) be the one. The oddball geography and layers of rock means erosion causes over 2000 documented natural arches in this park. The hiking is spectacular but even if you don't hike you can just drive around and look at the amazing rock formations. There's also fantastic mountain biking if that's your thing. Added bonus, the nearby town of Moab is adorable and has some cute spots to eat and hang out.
  3. Bryce Canyon National Park
    Like all photos of this park, it's hard to capture the sheer scale of the rock formations, called hoodoos. But the odd erosion that shows the layers of rocks in tall vertical pillars makes a natural amphitheater that is spectacular to see in person.
  4. Capitol Reef National Park
    The most kid friendly of the Utah National Parks, it was a surprisingly mellow and beautiful park with some great hikes. We also had an "interesting" encounters with wildlife, that involved a mountain lion that attacked and killed a deer right outside our tent at night. The Park Rangers were much more excited about this when we told them than we were when it happened.
  5. Canyonland National Park
    This is the one park we didn't spend enough time in, just drive through on our way from Arches to Zion. We need to go back but the views we did see were stunning. As always the scale of the canyon (which you need a true all-wheel drive car w/high clearance to go down into) is near impossible to capture with a small iPhone.
  6. Bonus: Utah is just gorgeous in general.
    Just driving around from park to park and you'll see arches and weird rock formations that make you want to pull over on the highway and take pictures. Like this rock formation that looks kinda like a boob.