The Best New Year's Day Blt Themed Brunch I've Ever Been To!

I always say that if you want to be fed well, become friends with food writers. @seantimberlake's annual New Year's Day BLT Brunch is the quintessential example of this. Here's what he (and his husband Paul) had to offer at their BLT extravaganza.
  1. Booze - mostly sparkling plus some mixers.
    And some wine. Also a bottle of sparkling nonalcoholic cider that I brought. I think I might have been the only one to drink it though.
  2. Coffee
    After all, it is a New Year's DAY brunch. Folks are going to be hungover.
  3. Sichuan Bacon
    10 pounds of it. Home cured five-spice Sichuan bacon smoked over Japanese plum wood. If you're going to make bacon for a party, go all out! (Recipe can be found at )
  4. Lettuce
    Iceberg of course. It's the lettuce of choice for a classic BLT.
  5. Oil packed dried tomatoes
    Sean and Paul do a massive tomato canning project over the summertime where they process 100 pounds of tomatoes. We get to eat some of the product of their labor!
  6. Tomato jam
    More product from their summer tomato-fest.
  7. Pullman's loaf bread
    Paul is the baker. He made 6 loaves for the party!
  8. Plus extra condiments of your choice for the BLT
    Mustard and mayo. I didn't bother to take photos.
  9. Black eyed peas
    The dish, not the band with Fergie. Its traditional for the New Year's right?
  10. Collard Greens
    Salty delicious collard greens. So good!
  11. All served on adorable plates
    Sean and Paul collect this pattern. It's so cute!
  12. This is my BLT
    I didn't let my bread toast enough because I was impatient and there was a line of folks waiting for the toaster. But otherwise it was perfection.
  13. Also there was a great Brussels sprout salad and cookies that other people had brought to the party.
    I didn't photograph these either. I was too busy stuffing my face.
  14. Yay Sean and Paul!
    The hosts extraordinaire! Thanks for having @AJ and me over for your amazing New Year's Day BLT brunch. Happy New Years to you all!