A more general list than @mandi 's awesome personalized experience list.
  1. AltaVista search engine
    Though it was soon to be replaced by Yahoo and Ask Jeeves.
  2. Geocities
    With flashy background or random moving objects on top of text.
  3. That modem sound when you dialed up.
    56K modem baby! http://bit.ly/1wMIqDk
  4. Netscape Browser
    Mosaic is so 1993.
  5. Animated GIFs! Old school style.
    3D Type! Rotating! Blinking!
  6. Email is still a novelty
    But everyone you want to email has one already. And is excited to use it!
  7. Rollover javascript
    Holy crap! If you mouse over an image or link it will change!
  8. CompuServ vs. AOL
    CompuServ had terrible numbered naming of email addresses but if had better street cred with the nerd set than the family friendly AOL.
  9. Free porn!
    Some things never change.
  10. X-Philes
    Fans of The X-Files were the first major online community around a TV show and it really kicked into gear in '94, mostly on AOL chat rooms, but also pretty much anywhere on the Internet self-proclaimed X-Philes could find each other and obsessively discuss conspiracy theories. The term "shipping" originated within this online fandom.
    Suggested by @stamos