I wish this story was more interesting than it actually is. But @mallofamanda asked for it so here it is...
  1. Most people know Andrew McCarthy as the Brat Pack actor that was in classic 80s movies like St. Elmo's Fire and Pretty in Pink.
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  2. But I remember him most from the classic movie Mannequin featuring Estelle Getty, James Spader and a very young Kim Cattrall.
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  3. All that said, he fell off my radar until about 3 years ago when I was asked to speak at a Travel Writing and Photography conference at the Book Passage in Corte Madera.
    The next one happens in August. http://bit.ly/1LW9ZA5
  4. The Travel Writing conference is actually a GREAT weekend workshop with some brilliant editors, writers and photographers. If you have any interest in travel writing I cannot recommend it enough.
    You get hands-on instruction, as well as access to all these high profile editors and writers. Plus it's load of fun.
  5. The great @susanorlean was actually speaking at the conference that year.
    Hi Susan! You probably don't remember me as you met a million other folks there. But we sat next to each other at the "instructors only lunch".
  6. I was speaking about food writing. Specifically food blogging. I don't feel like the organizers did the topic of food writing justice.
    I wish I could have led a session on writing about food and travel instead. Food is such a big part of travel and culture. But they wanted me to talk about food blogging. I think 4 people attended.
  7. Also speaking was a travel writer named Andrew McCarthy.
    I was all "is there another Andrew McCarthy that I don't know that is a travel writer?"
  8. NOPE! Turns out, while I was oblivious to Andrew McCarthy's acting career post-Brat Pack, he had developed a rich 2nd career as a travel writer.
    And yes, he's a really great writer. Sometimes people think actors turned writers only get their book deals because of their name (no one on here, all the famous folks who have book deals here deserve it. I'm talking about other folks). But Andrew McCarthy has written for the NYT, the Wall Street Journal, Afar and National Geographic. He's legit. In fact I believe he's now the editor at large at National Geographic Traveler!
  9. So I went up and introduced myself after his talk and he was very nice.
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    Honestly, he looked pretty much the same, just slightly older. But he did have a great smile and was surprisingly shorter than I thought he would be (like 5'8" short. Not super short. But I thought he'd be like 6'0" or something.).
  10. And that's it! I bet the Afar folks like @white_lightning and @therichdale probably have better Andrew McCarthy stories than the one above.
    But @mallofamanda asked for mine. So there you go.