This ones for you @mollyyeh
  1. Not considering the random childhood illnesses, I can count on one hand the number of times I've thrown up as an adult. I hate throwing up.
    Actually, I think it is still in the single digit even if I count childhood sickness. That's how much I hate it. Even as a kid.
  2. I will do pretty much anything to not throw up. And yes I know that often you feel better after you do it. But I really hate it.
    Also, it's really hard for me to make myself throw up. Gay man here. Very little gag reflex.
  3. Not only is it an uncomfortable feeling, I actually have physically large sinus cavities. The increased pressure from when I vomit really painful.
  4. Even worse, inevitably something gets lodged up there in my sinuses. I end up having to flush it out and I get a sinus infection as nice after prize.
    I'm keeping it real here folks. Nothing like having to snort back chunks of partially digested food swimming in acid to make your sinuses feel swell. And by swell I mean holy hell that burns!
  5. The first time I moved to San Francisco, I went on a terrible horrible day with a guy I was infatuated with. It's the only time I've ever gotten sick on booze.
    I'm Asian. I don't drink. I get bright red and have an instant hangover. But I went on a date with a guy and he plowed me with cosmos. This was 1998, when Sex & the City was ALL the rage. Cosmos were the thing so don't judge. Needless to say we never saw each other again.
  6. I was staying at friend when I went on that date, couch surfing, trying to find a place. So when I stumbled back "home" it was not pretty.
    I felt very post-collegiate doing this. Bad date? Check! Drinking too much? Check! Sleeping on a friend's couch and then throwing up in her bathroom? Check!
  7. The second time I got sick as an adult was when I was at my friend's house in LA, visiting.
    We had JUST gotten Korean Tofu Soup (Soondubu Jjigae). I spent the next three days of our visit yaking up into the toilet. My poor friends didn't know what to do with me. For years afterwards just the smell of tofu soup got me nauseous. But I finally got over it because I love it too much. But I still can't drink Korean Barley Tea without gagging.
  8. The third memorable time I tossed up was when I ended up having gall bladder issues.
    They rushed me to the hospital but I was in so much pain that I just basically was doubled over moaning. They moved me around, making me take a shuttle bus from building to building even though I could barely walk. Exiting on of the buses, I threw up bile or some sort of dark liquid that did not look normal on the sidewalk. This was my only time throwing up in public. I am not a fan.
  9. It's possible I've gotten sick a few other times, but those are the most memorable ones as an adult. All here in the state of California, my adopted home state.
    I've traveled a lot. But thankfully I've only gotten sick a handful of times, and all here in the sunny state of California. Yay Cali! Home of where I barf!