I was suppose to go out of town but my trip got pushed back by a day so I decide to crash a photo shoot for @gabimoskowitz and @MirandaBerman's awesome cookbook Hot Mess Kitchen which will be coming out next year Here's a few thing I learned.
  1. @MirandaBerman is hilarious.
    I mean, we all knew this from her lists. But she even more awesome in real life. And I want to be her BFF.
  2. @gabimoskowitz has mad cooking skills
    I mean, I actually already knew this. But knowing this and seeing it happen in front of me (and eating the end result) is a different story. Seriously, you need to buy this book. Look at this cake! It's epic.
  3. The photographer @ffrankie is amazing and has the most awesome studio.
    Seriously. I want to live there. The quality of light was gorgeous, she has amazing props and the vibe was a mix of chill and determined get shit done. She's rocks.
  4. If you flatter me, I will totally be your best friend.
    I was told throughout the day that I was skinny, had amazing skin, and looked 15 younger than I actually am. And you know what? It FUCKING WORKED ON ME. I was all "I love you and let's hang out all the time! Please tell me more lovely things about me!!!"
  5. If everyone flatters me enough, I will also pretty much do anything you want me to.
    I had a million things I needed to do to get ready for my trip to Death Valley and Los Angeles. I had planned on just stopping by to say hi to Gabi & Miranda and drop off some cookies and pretzel knots that I needed to get out of the house. But all they needed to do is tell me "No! you're so cute! Stay for the photoshoot!" And I was all "You like me! I'll stay!" I ran out 4 times to put more money in the meter because I wasn't expecting to stay so long.
  6. I stand like a sorority girl
    Butt and chest out. Stomach in. This is how I normally stand. But apparently this is also how sorority girls stand. And @dena had to instruct everyone to stand just like me. I think it's the gay in me because this stance is very natural. Especially the sucking in of the stomach.
  7. All of @gabimoskowitz' friend are incredibly gorgeous.
    I don't know if Gabi's like super shallow or something ? But her friends all looked like models. Does she pick her friends because they are all beautiful? I don't know. But it's the truth. Actually I think there WAS an actual model there. I can't tell which one it was because everyone there looked like a model.
  8. @dena is an amazing stylist.
    I showed up (not expecting to be in any photoshoots) and she was all, you're great you need to be in the shoot. Then she gave me blotting paper to take the shine off my face which magically made me look 15 years younger and then she transformed my singular outfit I was wearing into two completely different outfits with just a belt and a bandana. WTF black magic is this? I want her to style me everyday.
  9. Their cookbook Hot Mess Kitchen is going to amazing.
    I can't wait for it to be released! Gabi and Miranda you two better sign my book BFF high school style when it comes out!
  10. I mean.
    Look at these two!
  11. Learn more about the photoshoot from @dena's list!