Kids ranging from 10 months to 6 years old. My partner & I were the only childless couple there.
  1. I like kids. I mean I really do. But this is a lot of kids.
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    At any given moment there was at least on breakdown occurring with full on wailing. (This 10 of the 13 kids in the photo.)
  2. I don't know how to answer the question "Do you want to play duck duck goose?"
    Isn't honesty the best policy with kids? But I really don't know how to tell a 5year old I don't want to play that game with them. I'm too old and tired to chase them when they inevitably pick me as the goose.
  3. Anytime there was silence parents instantly got suspicious and concerned.
    Hey. Where are they? What are they up to? Is any adult with them? This could be bad...
  4. Matchmaking starts early
    3 years old and their parents are already planning the wedding between the children.
  5. Plasticware always need to be washed.
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    So much colorful plastic! It seems never ending the amount of plastic that needed to be hand washed...
  6. Cupcakes, ice cream and children are a recipe for chaos.
    Sugar plus more sugar means enough energy to power a small town. Serving them cupcakes after dinner was not smart. This is why children's birthday parties are in the afternoon right? So they can work off that sugar rush...also this is why I avoid children's birthday parties when I can.
  7. Never, under ANY circumstance, have a singing contest to see who can sing Frozen the loudest.
    My eardrums are still recovering.