What up!?! I turned in my first draft of my cookbook. I've basically put my entire life on hold for the past month for the last push toward deadline. Here's what I'm gonna do now that I have my life back.
  1. See friends.
    Hi @gabimoskowitz! Let's hang out now! Also lets meet up SF ListApp folks!
  2. Sleep a normal schedule.
    I've been keeping weird hours. I'm gonna try to shift back to a normal-ish awake time now.
  3. Plan my LA trip!
    I'm gonna be in L.A. From June 5-10ish. Anyone in down there wanna hang out?!? I want to meet all you cool ListApp folks!!!
  4. Plan my NY trip!
    Gonna be there mid-July speaking at a conference. Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow is keynote speaking as well. I fully expect we'll become best buds. Should I get her on ListApp? She'd be GoopTastic w/her lists. Any NY listapp-ers wanna hang?
  5. Read books
    I haven't read a NONcookbook in forever. Something with a plot or with characters or I dunno, anything that has nothing to do with food please.
  6. Clean the apartment
    My partner had picked up the slack but let's be honest. We are three steps away from living in squalor. The dust bunnies in the hallway are becoming sentient. Gotta bust out the vacuum cleaner.
  7. Hang out with my mom
    She lives 15 minutes away and I haven't seen her in MONTHS. I'm the worst kid ever.
  8. Go to the gym
    Probably a pipe dream but I'm so tubby from recipe testing desserts that I might have to start going again.
  9. Feed my sad sourdough starter
    It's languishing in the back of my fridge. Poor guy. I hope I can revive it.
  10. Watch a ton of TV
    I'm behind on pretty much everything major. Gotta binge watch like no tomorrow.
  11. Go outside for a walk.
    I've been inside staring at a computer screen for the past three weeks. I've been taking vitamin D pills but it's not the same.
  12. Start blogging again.
    My blog had been totally neglected. I gotta back to it. I really miss it.
  13. Finish some of those list languishing my drafts.
    Because I ❤️ lists.
  14. Cook and bake without taking notes or photographing or anything!
    I've forgotten how to do that. The pleasure of making food...just to make food. The list of food I want to make actually could be its own list...
  15. Make granola
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    My partner counts on me to make him granola for breakfast. I have NOT been fulfilling my husbandly duties here in past few weeks...
  16. Make fried chicken 🍗
    I frickin' love making fried chicken at home. And specifically make tons of it because leftover fried chicken is awesome. I can't wait to get back to making it...
  17. Make kimchi
    I ran out of homemade kimchi months ago. I miss it.
  18. Make pizza 🍕
    I love making homemade pizza. I want to go back to making it in a regular basis again.
  19. Make spaghetti and meatballs 🍝
    I'm craving carbs apparently. Also I need to bust out my pasta machine again. So maybe this will be linguini with meatballs. Or should I make raviolis?
  20. Start doing manuscript revisions, photographing dishes I haven't photographed yet and test some of the recipes one more time that I didn't test completely thoroughly.