I'm slightly neurotic. Or I just watch too much TV. You tell me.
  1. Oh no! Has SkyNet finally come online? Is the apocalypse here?
  2. Are people in my neighborhood finally rioting against all the Google/Twitter/Tech people?
  3. Is there a fire in my neighborhood? Wait. Is MY apartment building on fire? Should I leave?
  4. Zombies! What if it's zombies?!? Thank God I'm in the top floor and can escape the back door and take the scary ladder to the roof. Maybe the helicopter can rescue me with a rope ladder like they do in the action movies.
  5. Is there a big protest that I wasn't aware of happening in Dolores Park? Should I join?
  6. Maybe I should check Twitter to see if someone knows what the helicopter out there is for... Nah, that sounds like too much work.