Fever of 103°F. Chills and sweats. Hacking cough w/a bruised ribcage. Stuffed sinuses & throbbing headache. Being sick is no fun.
  1. DayQuil/Nyquil
    It only dropped my fever down to 101°F but I don't care. Those two degrees are the difference between being curled up in a fetal position shivering with 12 blankets on me to just lying around listless with the one regular blanket. Vast improvement if you ask me.
  2. BiRite Market's Matzoh Ball Soup
    It's not the best matzoh ball soup in the world but it will do and it's totally convenient because it's a block away.
  3. Puffs Plus Lotion
    My nose would be rubbed raw if it wasn't for the lotion Puffs. Whoever came up with it is genius. I prefer it over Kleenex but that will do in a pinch.
  4. Water
    Like LOTS of water. I've been drinking this stuff like it's...well like it's water I guess.
  5. Plastic bendy straws
    The fact that I can drink without having to lift my head off my pillow is 💯!
  6. My McRoskey bed
    A ridiculously expensive bed made here in San Francisco. Yes I know how much of a cliche it is to own a handcrafted artisan locally made bed. I don't care. Worth every penny.
  7. Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowell
    So good. I'm in love with the heartache.
  8. ListApp
    Entertain me with lists as I lie here on what feels like my deathbed! (Yes, I know I'm being dramatic, it's the fever talking.) Thank you everyone.
  9. My loving partner
    The love of my life. He's also the one who gave me the cold. I shake my fist at you/hug you for taking care of me! Well, I'll hug you when my ribcage heals a little bit. For now air kisses will have to do.